The difference between granite mine wire saw and marble mine wire saw

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The structure of granite wire saw and marble wire saw may have differences concerning diamond particle size, blade design, and strength. However, please note that different manufacturers and products may have varying designs. Here are some possible differences:

Diamond Particle Size and Density: Due to the higher hardness of granite, cutting it requires more robust diamond particles. Therefore, a granite wire saw might use finer and denser diamond particles to increase cutting efficiency and wear resistance. A marble wire saw, on the other hand, might use larger and less dense diamond particles since cutting marble is relatively easier. Using larger diamond particles in marble cutting can enhance efficiency.

Bead Design and Structure: The beads of a granite wire saw might be sturdier to handle the higher pressure and heat generated during cutting. They may contain more densely distributed diamond particles. Conversely, the beads of a marble wire saw could be lighter as marble doesn't demand as high wear resistance.

Bead Strength: The beads of a granite wire saw would require higher strength to withstand the greater pressure and impact generated while cutting granite. The beads of a marble wire saw could be relatively lighter since cutting marble doesn't create similar high pressures and impacts.

Wire Saw Diameter and Bead Count: Granite wire saws might have larger diameters and more bead layers to enhance stability and efficiency during cutting. Marble wire saw beads could be smaller as marble is relatively softer, and reducing bead count wouldn't affect wear resistance. For instance, most granite wire saws have around 40 beads per meter, while similar-diameter marble wire saws usually have around 33 beads per meter.

Wire Saw Structure: Since granite cutting often involves smaller cutting surfaces, excessive bending during cutting can reduce the wire saw's lifespan. Therefore, granite quarry wire saws often use different connectors, such as rubber or rubber with springs, to mitigate this. On the other hand, marble wire saws frequently opt for spring or rubber connectors.

Bead Types: Granite wire saws require highly wear-resistant sintered beads, which tend to perform well in terms of cutting lifespan. In contrast, marble wire saws can utilize more efficient brazed bead wire saws, which offer higher cutting efficiency for rapid stone extraction.

In conclusion, the differences between granite wire saws and marble wire saws mainly revolve around cutting performance, tool design, and application. The choice of wire saw depends on the material type to be cut and the desired cutting outcome.