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Diamond Segment For Quarrying&Mining

Diamond quarrying segment is a kind of diamond tool product commonly used in granite mining The product is mainly used for the mining of granite stone blocks, it is used on the mine circular saw By laying the track, the circular saw can mine the stone blocks in the round-trip process

Diamond Wire Saw For Block Squaring

The smaller bead size of the trimming wire saw reduces stone waste Squaring wire saws are mostly injection-molded wire saws with a smooth surface, which can make the surface of the block after trimming smoother

Diamond Wire Saw For Granite Quarrying

The advantages of wire saw granite mining: 1 Wide adaptability 2 High mining efficiency 3 Flexible cutting method 4 Large cutting depth 5 High output 6 Low comprehensive cost 7 Environmental protection and no pollution

Diamond Sink Wheel & Finger Bit

Vacuum brazed diamond finger bit adopts advanced production technology, strict product quality inspection process, long service life and stable grinding performance

CNC Conic Mill Bit

Conic Mill has long life with high cost-effective, which is used to carve stone

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Segmented finger bit
D22mm segmented diamond finger bit for stone milling.