Dry Cutting Diamond Saw Blade

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Dry cutting disc is a kind of diamond saw blade that can be cut without adding cooling water during the cutting process. So why don't dry cutting discs need cooling water? What are the advantages of dry cutting discs over wet using saw blades? Let's take a closer look at:

1: The size of dry cutting disc is generally small: Dry cutting disc mainly refers to small and medium-sized saw blades with a saw blade diameter not exceeding 600mm. Generally speaking, saw blades with a diameter of less than 230mm do not emit enough heat during the cutting process. In addition, some portable cutting machines are widely used in cutting machinery, the cutting power is not high, and the cutting force of the cutting blade is insufficient. In addition, there is no environment that requires long-term cutting, so this type of dry cutting disc is the most used. The diamond saw blades with a diameter larger than 230mm are mostly used to cut some special materials, such as reinforced concrete, cement and bricks, in an anhydrous cutting environment.

2: There are many processing techniques for dry cutting discs: Most cutting discs with a diameter less than 230mm are processed by cold pressing and sintering. In the cold pressing sintering process, the saw blade and the segment are integrated, and the two do not need to be tightly bonded by solder. Therefore, in the process of dry cutting, as long as the temperature is not too high (generally, continuous cutting with high strength is a taboo operation for dry cutting disc), it will not have too much influence on the stability of the substrate and the segment. In addition to dry cutting by cold pressing and sintering, the increasingly popular laser disc is also gradually applied to dry cutting. In the welding process of this saw blade, laser welding is used to firmly connect the cutting segment and some welding points of the base body. During the cutting process, the segment and the blank blade will not fall off because the solder tab cannot withstand high temperature. Therefore, laser discs are also widely used in dry cutting. Most of the electroplated and brazed segments can also be used for dry cutting. These two methods fix the diamond on the substrate by electroplating and brazing. Since this kind of saw blade does not even have the segment, naturally there will be no problem of the segment coming off. As long as the blade body has a higher heat resistance, such a saw blade is no problem for dry cutting.

3: The dry cutting discs are all thermally conductive: During the long dry cutting process, the sawtooth part generates a lot of heat, which cannot be eliminated in a short time. If the material of the saw blade base does not have high thermal conductivity, the base will soon bend and deform. Conversely, if the material of the base of the saw blade has strong thermal conductivity, the rapid dissipation of heat can prevent the saw blade from causing problems due to excessive temperature and ensure a safe cutting situation.

4: The thermal expansion coefficient of the diamond dry cutting disc material must be controlled within a small range. Because if the thermal expansion coefficient of the saw blade is too high, the saw blade will increase in size during the heating process. After waiting for the normal temperature, the saw blade retracts to its original state. In such a fluctuating temperature environment, the damage to the blade body is very large, and it will even cause the saw blade to form "internal injuries" and reduce its service life.

Of course, dry cutting disc also has many advantages, such as strong portability, many usage scenarios, simpler cutting process, and various cutting materials. However, the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, the price of dry cutting disc is often much higher, and the service life is far lower than that of wet-cutting saw blades.

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