The Specific Performance Of The High-Sharp Diamond Saw Blade

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When many customers always buy Linxing diamond saw blades, they will ask the following questions: "Is your saw blade sharp?" "I want to buy a sharp saw blade." "Your sharp saw blade How fast?" So what is a sharp saw blade? Because the sharpness must be compared, there is no reference, and the height has no value, so how to know the speed of the diamond saw blade without reference? In fact, it is not difficult, it depends on different situations.

1: The size of the cooling water flow and the degree of turbidity. Under normal cutting conditions, if the sharpness of the saw blade is better, the cutting ability will be stronger, which can be judged by the cooling water reserved. Because this means more friction for the saw blade during the cutting process, the sharper is better.

2: The cutting depth increases, and the current does not increase significantly. When a large saw blade cuts blocks, the cutting depth increases, which means that the area of the cut stone increases per unit time. If the cutting depth is increased, it is found that the current does not increase significantly and is still in a stable state, which means that the sharpness of the saw blade can be adjusted continuously. When it increases to a certain value, it is found that the current increases significantly, then the critical value of the sharpness of the saw blade is reached. Of course, cutting at this speed for a long time can increase the cutting efficiency, but the life of the saw blade and segment is also consumed very quickly.

3: As the line speed increases, the speed of the saw blade increases. When the linear speed of the diamond saw blade increases, the stress on the saw blade increases, and the increase in radial stress and tangential stress leads to an increase in the cutting ability of the saw blade. If the base of the saw blade or the cutter head is sharp, the saw blade will increase its cutting speed under normal circumstances, but if the sharpness of the saw blade is the opposite, it means that the saw blade is not sharp.

4: There is no stone and edge broken. During the cutting process of the diamond saw blade, if the edge collapses and the stone is cut, most of these situations are caused by the insufficient sharpness of the saw blade,especially when cutting at a normal line speed. In the case of long-term chipping and cutting of stone, such a saw blade must be not very sharp. On the contrary, the sharpness of the saw blade must be relatively good.

5: The stone cutting angle is not offset, and the cutter head has no uneven grinding. When the saw blade is in the cutting process, if the saw blade is twisted and the kerf is offset, most of the saw blades are not sharp enough. On the contrary, if the incision is smooth, the kerf is smooth, and the cutting thickness is uniform, the sharpness of the saw blade is often better.

6: The cutting noise is relatively low, the sound is average, and there is no excessive harsh noise. The sound is a good criterion for judging the sharpness of the saw blade. The cutting sound is crisp and without harsh noise. Such saw blades tend to have better sharpness.

Of course, the speed of the saw blade is not simply such a comparison, but also needs to be compared according to different materials. And the speed of the saw blade is also determined by the user's habits. Some operators use the saw blade, pay attention to the continuous cutting edge, and constantly observe the situation of the saw blade, so as to solve the problem according to the situation and use the biggest advantage of each saw blade. This allows the saw blade to perform better cutting work.

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