Diamond beaded wire saw manufacturers for large mines

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At present, three mining methods are mainly used in large-scale mines around the world: the first type of circular saw mining, which mainly exists in markets such as China, Vietnam, Egypt and South Africa. The second method is wire saw mining, which mainly exists in Brazil, Italy, Spain, Germany and other stone materials. The third method is to use expansion agents after drilling. This method is widely used in India, Pakistan, the Middle East and other countries. This article mainly introduces the situation of wire saw mining in some large mines.

Large-scale mines are mines with large mining areas and rich quarry resources. The main reason for using wire saws for mining in such mines is that large-scale stone can be mined, or the stone has high hardness, which can quickly complete the cutting of large-scale surfaces. And after the cutting is completed, the mountain can be quickly overturned. In Brazil and Italy, this method of mining has been experienced for more than 20 years.

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So what are the difficulties in mining large mines with wire saws? The main points are as follows:

1. The mine situation is complex. If it encounters a rock layer that is particularly difficult to cut, it will not be able to cut, resulting in slippage and rounding of the wire saw. 2. The cutting surface of the stone is too large. If there are risks in the cutting process, such as rope jamming, falling off beads, and broken rope of the wire saw, the previous cutting will become useless, and it is necessary to find a new cutting route and start cutting again. 3. Large-scale mines do not always have large cutting surfaces for cutting. Most of the mines cut blocks with small size, but for the same cutting conditions, stability requirements are high, such as the life of the wire saw and sharpness requirements. 4: The mining wire saw machines of large mines are sometimes different, including power, cutting efficiency, and the running state of the machine are not the same. In fact, such cutting conditions have higher requirements on the wire saw. So which manufacturers of wire saws can meet the cutting needs of large mines? Here are a few reliable manufacturers.


Skystone, located in Fuzhou, is the representative of diamond wire saws in China, and it is also a manufacturer with the highest share of diamond wire saws in China. The wire saws of this company are of excellent quality, high stability, good product quality, and rapid breakthroughs in research and development innovation. And other characteristics lead the continuous development of China's wire saw industry.

Tool Star

Tool Star, located in Changsha, Hunan Province, was the first manufacturer of wire saw machines, but with the continuous development of the wire saw business, in order to better match the machinery produced by its own company, Tool Star began to enter the diamond wire saw industry. The continuous breakthrough and development of diamond wire saw and wire saw machine have always maintained a strong market competitiveness.

Huada Superhard Materials

Located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, Huada Superhard Materials is a diamond tool manufacturer relying on the R&D base of Huaqiao University. It mainly produces various diamond tools. Among them, Huada's wire saw products are outstanding for their good performance and stable product quality.

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Jiangxi Linxing

Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd., located on the bank of Poyang Lake in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, is a manufacturer specializing in the production of diamond segments, saw blades, wire saws and stone-related processing tools. The company started in 2003, while the company's wire saw business is currently in a period of rapid improvement. At present, it is deeply trusted by customers for its high cost performance, long product life, and strong cutting applicability.


This company is located in Guilin, Guangxi. It mainly produces wire saws and wire saw machines. The main features of this company's products are rich products, strong applicability and high cutting efficiency.

This article refers to the introduction of the larger diamond wire saw manufacturers in various provinces, and some companies will not introduce too much due to the limited space.