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How does the diamond wire saw work during the mining process? What do I need to equip in the early stage of work? What are the precautions for curve cutting and arc cutting? This article combs the entire mining process by introducing the process of diamond wire saw mining.

1: Configuration and requirements

The diamond wire saw machine is a must. The voltage is mostly 330V. The power depends on the size of the cutting surface. If you cut small blocks, the stone is softer. 45KW and 55KW are the more recommended configurations. Of course, if the cutting efficiency is not If the requirement is too high, a 38KW motor can also be used. But if cutting large surface or hard stone, and the cutting efficiency is required, 75KW motor power is a better choice. For cutting large surface stone, 120KW wire saw will have more cutting strength.

In addition to wire saws, water and electricity are necessary. Electricity can be selected according to the number of wire saws. For water, a circulating pool should be dug as much as possible to allow water resources to be reused and to save coolant. Of course, more importantly, it is very environmentally friendly and can reduce water pollution caused by mine stone powder.

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The method of diamond wire saw used in wire saw machine

In the process of mining mining with wire saw, there are two kinds of sawing methods according to different machines, use conditions, and different processes, namely: ring sawing and down-pressure sawing. Below we specifically introduce the specific operations and differences of these two wire saw cutting methods.

(1) Diamond wire saw ring sawing method

This method is also called lasso sawing. In the actual application process: First, the diamond wire saw is formed into an annular ring, which surrounds the stone to be cut, and the motor of the wire saw machine rotates to drive the fast rotation of the flywheel, thereby forming a physical running track of the wire saw that quickly rotates. And combined with the track, the wire saw machine has a pulling force to walk backwards, so that the wire saw machine and the stone are always in a strong pulling force state, through the movement of the two wire saw machines, drive the diamond wire saw to finally complete the cutting process. This kind of cutting process is very common. During the entire cutting process, the length of the cutting curve and the radius of curvature are constantly changing from large to small.

This method is not only suitable for mining, but also can be used in trimming and shaping, but this method is usually limited to a single wire saw machine.

The wire saw ring sawing method has two common cutting angles, which can complete vertical and horizontal cutting in stone mining work. Horizontal cutting is mostly used to level the bottom or top working surface of a wire saw. When cutting vertically, the wire saw can stand on the front of the cutting surface, or it can be placed directly in front of the horizontal cutting for cutting.

The process of wire saw ring sawing method is relatively simple, and it can be cut almost without too cumbersome procedures. However, because of this method in the later stage of cutting, too small radius of curvature will cause wire saw cutting to easily break the rope. Although there are such big drawbacks, the advantage is that it can work quickly and improve work efficiency. The basic operation is the following three steps: perforation, lasso, and sawing.

Perforation: In the early stage of cutting, the mine needs to be punched. If it is a vertical cutting, a downward vertical hole with a diameter of 30-40cm should be punched from the top of the mine, and a horizontal circular hole with the same diameter should be punched below. The two holes meet and communicate.

Wire saw: After the two rope holes are penetrated, insert the diamond wire saw into the vertical hole, take out the metal hook from the horizontal hole, and start winding the wire saw, and connect the two joints into a non-polar ring Shape, and then set it on the driving wheel of the diamond wire saw. The next step is to adjust the cutting angle of the wire saw, so that the angle of the wire saw is perpendicular to the cutting surface of the wire saw, and then the wire saw is moved back, tighten the wire saw, and finally let the two guide wheels and the two drills Keep the holes on the same plane and ensure that this plane is perpendicular to the cutting surface (this case is for the existing cutting surface, if there is no cutting surface, it is more reasonable to find the stone resource utilization rate and the stone texture to determine). During the cutting process, the cutting direction must be kept correct and not skewed.

Sawing: During the wire saw cutting process, you must first fix the wire saw machine in the front row of the track and keep the track in the same cutting direction as the wire saw machine. When the wire saw machine moves backward, there will be no cutting offset. Case. Of course, during the cutting process, you should also carefully observe the cutting status of the wire saw. If there are problems, such as stuck rope, excessive current, and excessive speed, they should be dealt with in time to increase the service life of the wire saw.

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(2) Diamond wire saw down-pressure sawing method

This method is also known as the cable sawing method. In the actual operation process, if diamond wire saw only relies on ring sawing method, when the cutting radius of curvature keeps getting smaller, the wire saw is prone to break the rope, and it will greatly damage the wire saw. Wire saws have a higher cutting life. People rely on installing rope rollers above the drill hole and in front of the horizontal hole. During the cutting process, these rope rollers can better change the curvature of the wire saw. The length of saw cutting is relatively fixed, which also reduces the cutting displacement caused by the back movement of the wire saw, and this method can be suitable for the work of diamond wire saws of various angles.

Of course, there are disadvantages to this method. For example, it is more troublesome to install the rope roller, for example, it requires more professional construction personnel, for example, it needs the cooperation of a drilling machine, and it cannot cut large surfaces.

The process of down-pressure sawing is drilling and sawing

Install a wire saw and a rope roller above the ore body, and open a downward hole vertically. If mining in the middle part of the mountain, two vertical holes can be made. Some mines are directly equipped with two drilling rigs. The drilling rigs go down and the wire saw is also Complete the sawing down, like a saw, cutting the mountain apart.

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