Granite quarry diamond wire saw size and characteristics

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There are many sizes of granite quarry wire saws, mainly determined by the diameter of the beads. Below is a specification table for common granite wire saw beads.

Diamond wire sawSpecification of diamond beadBead quantity/meterFixed method

Linxing common granite diamond bead specification and size form.

It can be seen that there are three ways to divide the types of diamond beads. According to these three different divisions, different cutting performances of wire saws are also shown. There is more detailed information about this below.

1.Bead diameter distinguish diamond wire saw. The bead diameter (also known as the bead outer diameter) of the commonly used wire saws is generally 12.0mm and 11.5mm. The difference lies in the diameter of the beads. The diameter of the 12.0mm beaded rope is 12.1mm. Among them, 0.1mm will be consumed when the wire saw is edged. So in fact, the 12.1mm beaded wire saw is actually only 12.0mm for cutting. The other 7.0mm, 7.3mm and 7.5mm refer to diameter of the beaded base. When the beads are consumed to this numerical value, the bond is worn out.

Thus, the cutting life of wire saw with 12.0mm diameter is higher than that of 11.5mm beaded wire saw. Because the 12.0mm diameter beads need a certain amount of time to consume to 11.5mm. In such a case, more cutting life will naturally be produced. But in the early cutting process, the 12mm beaded rope needs to be cut with a wider cutting surface. Actually, the cutting efficiency of this part is lower. Especially when cutting hard granite, it is likely to slow down the overall cutting speed. For the beaded bases of 7.0mm, 7.3mm and 7.5mm, the diamond wire saw with 7.0mm or 7.3mm will increase the thickness of the cutting layer of the wire saw, and will increase the life appropriately. But for the structure, the beaded structure with a thickness of 7.5mm is more stable and the cutting is smoother. In general, if a stable cutting speed is required, a wire saw with an outer diameter of 11.5mm is the most suitable.

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2: Distinction by the number of beads. The number of beads in a granite cutting wire saw is mainly divided into 37, 38 or 40pcs per meter. The difference is that the 37 beads are due to the large spacing between the beads. With the same cutting power, when the force area is smaller, the cutting efficiency will be higher. But the cutting life is not high. For diamond wire saws with 38 or 40pcs beads per meter, the cutting efficiency will be appropriately reduced, but the cutting life will increase, whose cutting effect will be better.

3: Distinction by fixed method. At present, there are two ways to fix the granite quarry diamond wire saw. The first is rubber fixed, and the second is rubber + spring fixed. Among them, the rubber-fixed wire saw is cheaper due to the single fixing method. Smaller cutting areas can be cut by rubber-fixed, but are prone to wire saw breakage problems. If the fixing method of rubber and spring is used, this kind of wire saw is more secure. However, the disadvantage is that cutting faults and problems are prone to occur when cutting small areas. For example, it is prone to bead movement and rubber peels off.