LinSing diamond wire saw agent to join

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The purpose of investment

In view of the current diamond wire saw industry in a period of rapid development, and LinSing diamond wire saw products with excellent cutting performance and stable data, coupled with good after-sales, is now in order to expand the scale of sales, integration of market better quality resources, LinSing diamond tools Co., Ltd. in the world to recruit wire saw agent franchisees.

Merchants’ requirements

1: Have a strong local network of construction demolition engineering network, or more than 1 year of mining experience.

2: Operating wire saw, drill bit, wall saw and other products, has many years of sales experience of shops or companies.

3: The mining process, the mine peripheral tools machinery has a deep understanding of the company or individual.

4: Have great interest in wire saw products, the future of wire saw development has a strong confidence in the company or individual. The above points, to meet one can meet the conditions of investment, to meet the priority of cooperation between multiple people.

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Dealer responsibility

1: Responsible for the sale of the company's wire saw products, and the sale of products with LinSing tools to track the use of the process.

2: To assist the company to improve the wire saw products, so that the company's products more in line with local market demand, and constantly assist manufacturers to improve products, so that products more cost-effective.

3: To assist the company to train customers in the use of products, and the use of products in the process of impwirer operation to discourage and propose improvements. 4: Complete sales targets, improve sales level, access to the company's sales price of further support.

LinSing's responsibilities and obligations

1: to provide quality products, and provide reasonable instructions to help dealers deal with customers.

2: To provide pre-sales support for products, in response to customer needs, LinSing with agents to complete customer demand product design, process improvement and rationalization of the provision of recommendations.

3: In the process of use, send engineers to analyze the cutting data, assist the dealer to complete the collection of data, and the operation of the error to remind correction, and record the test video and pictures, retain the information in the test process, facilitate the adjustment of later products.

4: In the process of use if there are after-sales problems, LinSing with dealers to complete product replacement, compensation, process improvement and other after-sales process.

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Merchants agent mode

1: National and regional exclusive agent, the annual wire saw sales must be estimated, meet the conditions before the exclusive agent.

2: Non-exclusive agent, agent conditions are not restricted. Liability for breach of contract In the event of a breach of contract between the parties, the proxy agreement terminates.

Economic terms

1: National and regional agents, according to their market capacity, the exclusive agent fees are different, agent fees for the deposit, when the agent terminates the agent, the deposit can be refunded.

2: Non-exclusive agents do not require agency fees.

The final right of interpretation This agency agreement is the initial version, if there is an agent interested in LinSing diamond wire saw products, the specific details of cooperation when another. The final interpretation of this Agreement is owned by LinSing.