Why choose Linxing diamond segments

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Since its establishment in 2001, after more than ten years of hard work, Jiangxi Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd has been the largest diamond tool manufacturer in Jiangxi Province from a small processing factory with a few people, with an annual output value of 200 million. At present, we are specialize in manufacturing diamond segments and diamond wire saw. Because of our professional, we have invested a lot of research and development technical personnel in these two products. Currently with tens of thousands various formula, which can basically meet the needs of domestic and oversea customers for diamond segments and wire saws. Because of the strong R&D and production capabilities of Linxing Diamond Company that have deeply influenced the choice of our customers. This article mainly introduces the ten tips why Linxing diamond segments can be selected.
1: The brand is large.
In China, Linxing brand is already one of the first-class diamond tool manufacturers. We have been accumulating customers for more than ten years, and through strong marketing capabilities, Linxing has become the benchmark for mining segments in China enterprise.

2: Rich experience.
With more than ten years  accumulation and the continully expanding customer base, we have a good solution when facing various mines or stone in cutting. For foreign customers, we also have the corresponding solution ability. With 8 years of foreign trade experience, we have participated in the Xiamen Stone Fair, the Italian Stone Fair, and the Indian Stone Fair all year round, that makes our products are spread all over the world.

3: High cost performance.
Linxing Company is located in the inland area of China. With the support of the local government and low labor costs, the products produced are cheaper than coastal cities. And although the price is low, we can also guarantee the quality, because we have a complete compensation system and a good customer maintenance system.

4: Stable performance.
Linxing Company has added automated production machinery in the production process of diamond segments. Many processes already adopted machinery to replace labor. The quality is unstable due to lack of human factors. So compared with other companies’ products, the stability of Linxing segments is well-known in the industry.

5:Excellent quality.
Linxing implements the responsibility-to-person production method. Every segments from mixing to packaging, if any link goes wrong, you can find the relevant responsible person, so every employee in Linxing is a quality inspection, every process is interlocking, accompanied by the company's reward and punishment system in production has made Linxing's segments quality became a leader in the industry.

6: Numbers  patents, Linxing diamond tools have a number of invention patents, especially in the diamond segment, the research and development of the K-shaped segment, diamond powder doped with PDC composite materials, etc., so that the segment can be used in cutting stone with faster cutting efficiency and longer cutting life performance.

7: Reasonable design.
In terms of diamond segments design, the company's technical department will combine the customer's machinery, the abrasiveness of the cutting material, and the hardness to design products that match the customer's needs. In terms of versatility, the company already has all-cut formulas for markets such as Russia, India, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Palestine, and Iran.

8: Advanced technology.
In terms of technology, Lin Xing adopts the most advanced segments processing technology in China. Whether it is mixing, cold pressing, and hot pressing, it is the most advanced machinery and technology in China. It is the greatest pursuit of Linxing people to achieve that others do not have but only me.

9: Free-worry after sales.
The Lin Xing salesperson is required to turn on the phone 24 hours a day. Customers can find us at any time, and if there are any problem with the segments, the company will also made compensation. Therefore ,customer who is buying the Lin Xing segments will enjoy the best service.

10: The best packaging in the industry.
In order to prevent oxidation of the segments, we use a three-layer package of kraft paper, carton and transparent glue on the packaging. Every segments deserves to be treated seriously is Lin Xing people's quality and working attitude.