How to choose a high-quality diamond segment

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People often say that high-quality diamond segments. In fact, in many cases, the price has a great influence. For example, a diamond segment of 5 RMB is compared with a diamond segment of 10 RMB. Without any accident, in the absence of any accidents, a segment of 10 RMB is better than a segment of 5 RMB in terms of life and sharpness. Especially for the same manufacturer, it is impossible for the quality of a 5 RMB diamond segment to be better than a 10 RMB diamond segment. So what kind of segment is a high-quality diamond segment? Is a high-priced segment necessarily a high-quality one?

In fact it is not so, there are three main characteristics of high-quality diamond segment, and these three characteristics are the core reasons for determining whether it is high-quality:

First: High cost-effective. For customers, a commonly used diamond segment has average sharpness, average life, and average price, previously,  choosing a new type of diamond segment, the sharpness increased by 10%, the service life increased by 10%, and the price remained unchanged. For the customer, such a segment is a high-quality diamond segment.

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But for the customer, he can analyze it in a mathematical way, for example, he sets the previous price of the diamond segment to X, and the previous efficiency to 1 (It can also be based on the importance of efficiency in their minds. For example, if efficiency is considered to be 50% more important than life, then it can be set to 1.5 here), the previous cutting life is also set to 1 (It can also be based on the importance of life in their minds, if life is not important, then it can be set to 0.5 here), then the benchmark price formula is as follows: X=(1+1)/2=1

Then there is a segment, the efficiency is increased by 10%, the service life is increased by 10%, and the price is unchanged, the calculation is as follows: X=(1*110%+1*110%) 2>1

In this way, we can basically judge that such a segment is a high-quality diamond segment product.

Second: High stability. For customers, there are often problems such as tooth loss and inability to cut during use, so such a segment is definitely not good, the segment with relatively high stability is the high-quality diamond segment product. In view of this situation, a simple mathematical test method is still used, It is to divide the problematic segment by the number of segment, If the number of problems is greater than 1%, we believe that such a segment is unqualified. Including weight, size, tooth loss, eccentric wear and other issues.

Third: Only manufacturers with good after-sales can cooperate for a long time, in fact, as we have mentioned above, diamond segment are extremely unstable. After-sales is the basis of long-term cooperation. If the manufacturer does not have after-sales service, it is not recommended that customers cooperate. At this point, Linxing diamond segment has good after-sales service, which can help customers solve the problem of worry-free after-sales.

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Choosing high-quality diamond segment is actually not choosing products. Choosing the right manufacturer is often more in line with customer needs than looking for a single product.