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The development of the diamond segment project originated from people's development and utilization of stone resources. The stone has gone through a lot of processes from the mine to the final processing into plates. Especially for the very hard and brittle material of stone, it is difficult to process. It used to be very high.

When people discover the hardest material in the world-----diamond, people will think of ways to use diamond as the main cutting tool, but due to the fact that natural diamond is not only scarce in quantity, but also very expensive, how to reduce it The cost of diamonds has become the biggest constraint on the use of diamonds in large quantities.

Since the 1980s, the foreign synthetic diamond industry has developed rapidly. In China, the research and development of synthetic diamonds has also been continuously carried out. Various professional schools have also begun to focus on training relevant personnel. At the end of the 20th century, in Zhengzhou University, Henan In the Polytechnic University, college students can start making diamonds. By the beginning of the 21st century, China basically got rid of the predicament of importing synthetic diamonds. Some companies such as Zhongnan and Huanghe Cyclone began to provide synthetic diamonds as raw materials for diamond segment production.

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In the following 20 years, thanks to the rapid development of synthetic diamond technology and technology, the diamond segment industry has also developed tremendously. This project has also gone through 30 years of cleaning the lead, and slowly precipitated a number of high-quality companies, and these companies have also established the industry system of China's diamond segment. In the most glorious period of this industry, in Shandong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei and other regions, thousands of diamond segment manufacturers, large and small, have greatly helped the country's economic construction.

However, with the increasing competition in the market, the technical level of the diamond segment industry is getting higher and higher. Different products are designed to meet different stone cutting needs, and different segment shapes are designed to meet the cutting needs of different saw blades. How to make more To better improve the production process, how to better make the segment quality more stable, and rationalized technical requirements and specifications are also born. These many factors have led to the rapid transformation of the diamond segment industry.

After 2020, especially at the beginning of 2021, diamond manufacturers began to shift their production focus. It is more in line with the interests of manufacturers to produce more profitable white diamonds. The production of synthetic diamonds began to decrease significantly, and diamond prices eventually appeared high. , Even a ton of diamonds is hard to find. In particular, some small processing plants have stopped production because they cannot purchase diamonds. For large manufacturers, it can only increase the sales price, which reduces the competitiveness of their products.


In general, the diamond segment industry is still in a rapid reshuffling period. In the future, more diamond segment manufacturers will be gradually eliminated due to raw materials, markets, industries, technology and other factors. The entry barriers for the industry will be raised in the future. , And the price competition and brand competition between manufacturers will also become fierce, so if there are currently friends who want to invest in diamond segment projects, they need to seriously consider them.