Comparison of diamond segment at home and abroad

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The diamond segment is not completely the same, and even the diamond segment of each country and region has some differences, not only in size, but also in some dimensions, shapes, composition, appearance, etc., there are great differences. The main reason for this situation is the different countries' stone materials, machinery, usage habits, and the size of the saw blade substrate. Let's take a closer look at the differences between the diamond segment at home and abroad.

1: Size, the size of the domestic diamond segment is almost very fixed, from the segment used for mining saws, to the large cutting of blocks used for gantry cutting or bridge cutting, to the diamond segment required for final plate cutting, a set , The size changes little.

However, for foreign stone factories, due to the complex requirements of foreign customers, the size changes are very large. For example, in terms of length, in order to increase the sharpness of segment cutting, the common 24mm long segment in China (almost a unified standard), There are various irregularities in foreign sizes, 22mm, 23mm, etc., and the common 40mm long diameter saw blade segment has also changed from 40mm to 38mm, 30mm, 20mm and other sizes. The main reason is that foreign customers are concerned about cutting. There is more thinking about efficiency. They pursue the ultimate speed and sacrifice a little lifespan without hurting.

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In addition to length, there are also many changes in width, which are mainly caused by the differences of domestic and foreign stone materials. In foreign countries, the larger the width of the segment, although the cutting efficiency is reduced, and the plate yield rate is increased, but in terms of stability, it is more stable. Wide segments can cut more stable boards, and can greatly increase the reuse rate of the saw blade substrate. Of course, more importantly, appropriately increasing the number of segment teeth can increase the stability of the segment cutting process.

2: Shape, the shape of the domestic segment is very simple, the M type of the mine segment, the M type of the combined saw segment, plus the common parallel segment, constitute the entire shape of all large segments. In terms of the medium diameter saw blade, the M type , V-shaped, fan-shaped, arc-shaped and other types of segments also cover most of the common saw blades. But in foreign countries, many segment products have been developed, such as unilateral turbine type, U-shaped segment, ordered segment, K-shaped segment, etc. The main reason is that foreign customers have adjusted more to the edge collapse in the segment cutting process. Fine, the use of more scientific saw blade teeth can greatly improve this situation.

3: Composition. The domestic diamond segment is used very well in China, but once it is obtained abroad, it may not be easy to use. This is a common problem in the use of the diamond segment. The main reason is the domestic stone cutting machinery. The usage habits of cutters and the way of segment welding are very different from those of foreign countries. There are more varieties of stone in foreign countries, so it is very important to design segments that better meet the needs of customers. Among many industries, the diamond segment industry is similar to the clothing industry. Although general-purpose products can be used, if they can be tailored, then such products are the most suitable for users.

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4: Appearance, domestic segments pay little attention to appearance, almost what they are processed into, after mixing and post-processing with a mixer, they start packaging. However, foreign segment products still need to be sharpened, ground, and marked. In addition, there will be higher requirements and longer processing times in the treatment of burrs and sandblasting. This result will make the appearance of the product. More beautiful.