Free diamond segment making method

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Recently, a stone processing plant to buy a number of poor-quality diamond segment, through the high temperature to peel off the segment, in line with the idea of waste utilization, suddenly foreshadowed, how to make a batch of diamond segment free of charge.   

First of all, take the diamond segment back to the factory, because the diamond segment is made of synthetic diamond and metal powder, diamond powder first need to be extracted. A large amount of metal powder can be dissolved by strong acids, and diamonds and strong acids cannot be dissolved, so the first natural step we need to use acid wash to treat the diamond segment.

Nitrate hydrochloric acid is a common dissolving solution of diamond segment, put diamond segment into nitrate solution, strong nitric acid and strong hydrochloric acid will react with the metal, and then the metal will gradually form a solution, and the remaining solid part, the main components are diamond and silicon carbide (also known as diamond sand).

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If you want to get a better grade of diamond, then need to pass the high temperature, at 2700 degrees Celsius high temperature, the diamond melting, you can get a solid state of diamond, of course, silicon carbide material also has a very good abrasive, because the production of free head, we do not make secondary extraction of diamond, which can not only greatly reduce the difficulty of processing, but also can better save processing time.

After filtering the diamond and diamond through a sieve, then we need to extract the iron from the solution, we can add alkali, wait until the acid and alkali neutralize, when the pH value is 1.8-3.0, this time, iron hydroxide will become a solid, filtered out from the solution. Iron hydroxide is calcined to produce iron oxide, which is reduced to iron powder with the help of hydrogen or carbon monoxide. In this way, we got the first raw material in the segment tire binding agent----- iron powder.

Then continue to add alkali to the remaining solution, neutralization reaction continues to occur, when the pH of the solution reached 7-8, copper carbonate sediment appeared, this time, the carbonate copper continues to be filtered out of the solution, the filtered carbonate copper processing, copper oxide generation, and finally with hydrogen to help copper oxide reduced to copper powder. So we get a second metal.

The remaining metal in the continuous addition of alkali, the formation of different metal powders, through calcination to produce oxidized metals, and finally through hydrogen to reduce all the metal, gradually, the solution no longer appear solids, this time, we almost all the metal in the solution extracted.

Next, we put all the powder through the blender, let it mix evenly, and then, cold pressure, molding, hot press sintering, and finally so successfully made a number of free diamond segment products, this sense of achievement is very good.

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But this free segment although great cost savings, but in the operation of work, every step needs to be very careful, one step wrong, step by step wrong. And the diamond powder in this segment has undergone two sinterings, the stability performance is greatly reduced, it is easy to appear quality problems.

In general, although the process of making the segment for free is achievable, but the time cost and the quality of the molded segment, is relatively unsuccessful, and whether it is strong acid or the final electrolyte treatment, the environment has a very large damage, so it is not recommended to use this method for the production of diamond segment.