Application and research of iron-bond diamond segment

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The iron-bond diamond segment mainly refers to the diamond segment using iron as the main sintered material. The content of the segment is divided according to the following content. The segment not exceeding 30% is a low-iron-bond diamond segment, and the content of iron is within 100%. 30-70% belong to high content iron-bond segments, higher content iron-bond segments are not recommended, because the high content of iron-bond segments, the corrosion resistance, rigidity, toughness and oxidation resistance are fast decline, and the structure is also particularly unstable. Therefore, the iron content of most iron-bond segments is between 20-50%. With the development and research of iron-bond diamond segments,In the near future, iron-bond segment with higher or lower iron content may appear.

Iron-bond segment have many characteristics that other elements do not have, so they are also the most widely used segment products on the market. Let's take a look one by one:

Iron powder is cheap, and iron-bond segment are cheap: in the long-term fierce price competition environment in the market, cheaper iron-bond segment undoubtedly make it more popular, and the quality of the iron-bond segment is not bad, and it has unexpected effects for many hard materials.

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Wide applicability of iron-bond segment: After long-term research and testing, Linxing Diamond Tools found that iron-bond segment have a wide range of applicability. The specific manifestation is that iron-bond segment are currently widely used in circular saw blades and grinding tools. , plastic tools and drilling tools, the main cutting objects are not only stone, but also concrete, steel bars and other materials.

Iron-bond segment has strong wear resistance: wear resistance is a very important parameter for the life of the segment. The wear resistance is strong and the segment consumes less during the cutting process. iron-bond segment among all other products, as long as the formula is reasonable, the performance of ferroalloys will not disappoint. Especially for cutting sandstone, which is highly abrasive, the high content iron-bond segment is the best choice, which can greatly save the cutting cost of the factory.

The holding power of diamond in the iron-bond segment is very good: the iron element has a very strong affinity with diamond. These two elements undergo violent physical and chemical reactions under high temperature and high pressure, resulting in a stronger bonding force between the two elements. The most obvious manifestation is that the physical and chemical control of diamond and matrix have been greatly improved.

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The iron-bond segment can save the welding cost during the welding process. Because the iron-bond segment needs to use the soldering piece during the welding process, compared with the copper-bond segment, it needs to use high-content silver soldering piece, and the Iron-bond segments only need to use brazing lugs to achieve good welding results.

At present, the research on iron-bond segments is still at a relatively early stage. Most of the applications are based on the characteristics of their own materials. However, the research shows that a more stable structure can be produced through higher temperature and higher pressure. In the future, iron-bond segments will develop towards higher technical difficulty and a more comprehensive product chain.