What is the diamond in the diamond segment?

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Diamond segment is composted of two parts: diamond and mental powder. As the main cutting part, diamond is undoubtedly very imported, so is there have any particularity about diamond in the diamond segment? what kind of diamond is suitable for diamond segment? Are all the diamond in the diamond segment on the market the same? In view of these problem, this article explains one by one:

Most of diamond in the diamond segment are made of synthetic diamond particles, generally choose 30-40#, 50-60# grit, and diamond with hexahedral structure is preferred. In the actual proportioned process, adding some octahedral grade diamond will appropriately increase the sharpness and use life of the diamond segments, but will increase part of the production cost. However, if some tetrahedral diamond particles are added, part of production cost can be reduced. but the quality of diamond segment will be unstable. Regarding the diamond grade, it needs to be determined according to the hardness and abrasiveness of the stones.

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Are the diamonds in the segment the same? This is not the case. At present,  the main diamond producers on the market are Italy, France, Germany and China. The prices of diamonds in Europe are relatively high, but the quality is relatively stable, which is the material required for high-grade diamond segments. The price of diamonds in China is relatively cheap, and the product quality can reach 70-80% of the cutting effect of Italian products, while the price is only about 30% of European products. At the present, Chinese diamond manufacturers are the biggest sellers in the world. Mainly concentrated in the two factories of Zhongnan Diamond and Huanghe whirl wind, but other Chinese manufacturers have insufficient diamond scientific research capabilities, so the grade of diamond products will be insufficient, and the situation will also be unstable. In addition, the current acid pickling waste diamond segment can get part of the secondary recycling material, resulting in a very large number of diamond supply channels for the diamond segment. but the difference in the quality of the diamond segment is also reflected. Below we can take a look at which channels can be obtained for the diamond in the diamond segment:

Imported diamonds: mainly use European diamond powder to make high-end diamond segment. At present, few Chinese manufacturers will choose. The high price, plus tax and freight costs, will eventually cause most manufacturers to choose cheaper diamond powder made in china. However, a few orders exported to Europe and the United States still use French or German synthetic diamonds. Chinese brand manufacturers of diamonds: There are two first-line manufacturers of synthetic diamonds in China. The first is Zhongnan Diamond, and the second is Huanghe whirl wind. Only these two diamond-made diamond segment have a quality that can be 70-90% of the quality of European and American diamond segment.

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Other diamond manufacturers: Sino Crystal, Changsha Shili, Lizuan, etc., and some other synthetic diamond manufacturers. Due to many reasons such as their scientific research capabilities or product mass production problems, the price of the product is relatively cheap, but the quality is also different from that of large-scale synthetic diamond brands. so most of the current products are used in foreign low-end markets.

Pickling secondary recovery material: Put the used segment through pickling to wash out the diamond and emery in the diamond segment. Although this kind of secondary use of diamond saves cost, it will greatly increase its instability due to the secondary heating of the diamond. Therefore, this secondary material cannot satisfy customers with high-end cutting requirements. This method is representative of low-priced products.