What is the color of the diamond segment?

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From the diamond segments appearance to view it, it has many different colors. Commonly colors are silver white, brass, golden, bronze, dark yellow, and brown etc. There are many reasons to cause the different colors. For example, the length of the welding time for the diamond segments, and the welding temperature will largely influence the diamond segments color. Next we will clearly learn that what is the specific reasons influence the diamond segments color.

Basic colors

The common segments are iron bond, copper bond, and cobalt bond segments, due to the different raw materials, it will cause the diamond segments colors to occur deviation problems. For example, the iron bond segments, the obvious is that this segments color is mainly silver white with gold luster.

Diamond segments, stone cutting tips, stone cutting tools

The copper bond segments are basically are bronze or brass. However, because both copper and zinc used in the sintering process quickly form brass, this is called ordinary brass. But if the segments are included many other elements, like lead, zinc, manganese, nickel, lead, iron, and other elements, it will form special brass. This kind of brass has the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, and strong chemical resistance. Therefore, in the process of segment design, containing these elements can improve the abrasive of the carcass. Conversely, if you choose brass sintered with two elements of copper and zinc, the abrasive will be worse, and it is more suitable for cutting softer stone.

Cobalt bond segments, the segments dominated by cobalt elements are gray or dark gray, the whole color looks relatively old, not too bright, and the color and gloss are low. However, there are three types of cobalt-based segments: high-cobalt-bond segments, low-cobalt-bond segments, and full cobalt segments. There are difference in the three types segment colors. For example, low-cobalt-bond segment, yellowish, blackish. The high-cobalt-bond segment is lighter and lighter in color. As for the full cobalt segment, the color is lighter. This segment suitable for cutting expensive marble.

Diamond segments, stone cutting tips, stone cutting tools

In addition to the original color, if there are some problems in many processes, the color will change. For example, if the sintering time is too long, the segment will be excessive. The color of the over-sintered segment will be black, which is mainly caused by oxidation, and part of the reason is caused by the production of more alloy during the sintering process. Too high sintering temperature can also cause similar problems. Contrary to this situation, the color of the segment is light due to too low temperature or too short sintering time.

In addition to the above factors, there are actually more reasons to change the color of the segments. For example, sandblasting, by spraying different colors of colored sand, can help the diamond segment to quickly change its appearance color. The color of sandblasting and the quality of sandblasting directly affect the appearance of the diamond segments.