The influence of welding temperature on diamond segment

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The diamond segment needs to be welded on the top of the saw blade base for use.There are three traditional welding methods: flame welding, high-frequency welding and laser welding. The laser welding adopts the method of local heating, and the welding point is quickly heated by laser.By melting the teeth of the saw blade and the bottom of the segment. The two can be melted quickly and combined by cooling. This welding method has a small heating part and has the least impact on the overall diamond segment. However, this method is not good for secondary welding or multiple welding because it will destroy the blank blade of diamond saw blade. In addition, the laser welding machine is expensive. Currently, it is rarely used in the market. Even if it is used, it is usually used in the middle diameter saw blade.

The other two welding methods must involve the welding temperature, so what kind of welding temperature is better? What is the effect of too high soldering temperature? What is the bad effect if the soldering temperature is too low? How long does the soldering temperature last? Below we describe one by one:

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Under normal circumstances, the higher the welding temperature, the faster the welding process, and the less oxidation of the segment, but in fact, in the welding process, not only this issue needs to be considered, but we also need to consider the diamond in the diamond segment. Changes in high temperature.Diamond and metal powder are sintered together by high temperature and high pressure. The temperature is generally not more than 800 degrees Celsius. Because the temperature exceeds 800 degrees Celsius, diamond begins to be carbonized. The higher the temperature, the faster the carbonization speed.Carbonization is a process in which diamond slowly turns into graphite. Graphite does not have the ability to cut, so we try to make diamond carbonization slower.Therefore, during the welding process, we also need to pay attention to this point. The temperature must not be higher than 800 degrees Celsius, otherwise the diamond will be rapidly carbonized, resulting in excessive carbonization of the segment, and then the segment will fall off.

If the temperature is too high, there will be many problems. For example, when the welding temperature exceeds the sintering temperature, the diamond segment will melt and flow.The low melting point aluminum, tin and other metals in the segment will melt quickly, causing structural problems in the segment, and even the entire diamond segment is unusable, so the temperature of the welding cutter head must not be too high.

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So what if the soldering temperature is not enough? Many problems will also occur. The soldering temperature is not enough, the solder will not melt, and the solder cannot be soldered if the solder is not melted. Forced soldering will only cause a huge welding seam, which will affect the welding strength of the diamond segment.The welding time is long, the metal powder in the segment will be oxidized at the welding temperature for a long time, which will eventually cause the diamond segment to become unstable.

Normally, the welding temperature is maintained between 650-780 degrees Celsius. Try to choose a vacuum welding machine with a rapid temperature rise (higher power) to achieve rapid and accurate temperature rise and fall. The time should be kept at 7-8 seconds, and the speed is too fast. Or too slow are abnormal welding.