Factory Wholesale price of diamond segments

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For importers or buyers, buying a cheaper diamond segment is what they are after. For manufacturers of diamond segments, how to improve the profit margin of the diamond segment is related to the sustainable development of the enterprise, and it is also very important. So what is the wholesale price of diamond segment manufacturers? This article combines the current price setting systems of some diamond tool manufacturers to help buyers analyze the wholesale prices of diamond segment manufacturers.

Before that, we must first analyze the four major factors that affect the price of diamond segments. Let's first learn something about it:

1: Size: The most important price factor for diamond segments, the size of the diamond segment represents the amount of material of the diamond segment. If the size of the diamond segment is large, naturally more raw materials are needed. Obviously, the more raw materials of the diamond segment, the higher the price (this is for the same formula).

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2: Formula: There are many formulas for diamond segments. For example, the diamond segment that needs to cut harder stone is completely different from the diamond segment that cuts softer stone. Similarly, for high-abrasive stone and low-abrasive stone, the diamond segment formula is also different. The difference in formula is also reflected in performance. Sharpness and life are common attributes of diamond segments. For example, a formula with high sharpness and short life, or a formula with long life but low sharpness. In general, the formula determines much performance of the diamond segment. (Performance: There are many kinds of performances of diamond segments, which are mainly divided into high efficiency and long life; low efficiency and long life; high efficiency and short life; low efficiency and short life, etc. The performance of the diamond segment must represent the cost of the diamond segment. Under normal circumstances, the price of diamond segments with high efficiency and long life is very high. The price of the diamond segment with low efficiency and short life will naturally be low. The other two performance diamond segments are moderately priced, but they are the most common on the market.) It makes sense to determine the price of the diamond segment of the formula. Every manufacturer has a coefficient for the formula, and the coefficient determines the performance of the product.

3. Structure: There are two main structures of the diamond segment. Is the middle layer of the layer diamond segment powder or iron plate? What is the number of layers of iron plate and powder? What is the thickness of the powder layer? What is the thickness of the iron plate? The second type is the sandwich diamond segment. Is the middle layer in the sandwich diamond segment powder or iron plate, and what is the thickness of the powder layer? These issues must be fully prepared.

4. Fixed production cost: The fixed production cost is the total cost of labor, depreciation, electricity, water, site fees, management fees and other expenses for each diamond segment, and the cost of each diamond segment is shared equally.

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Knowing the above contents, how is the diamond segment calculated? The main calculation method is as followed:

Wholesale price of diamond segment = fixed production cost + size 【Length*height*(Width-thickness of iron plate (or powder) * number of iron plate (or powder) layers)】*Formulation coefficient + iron plate cost (or powder cost)

Of course, for customers, the formula coefficient determines the price of the product. Therefore, the formula coefficient can be determined through the quotations of multiple factories. Then determine the manufacturer's quotation according to its formula coefficient.