Pressure setting of cold pressing shaped for diamond segment

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Then how to calculate the pressure required by the cold pressing process of diamond segment?

First of all, it is necessary to define the pressure range of a segment forming. The pressure of most segments is maintained at 100-200mpa (the pressure required for each segment cold pressing) during the cold pressing process. The greater the pressure .  the stronger the diamond agglomerates, and the more powder materials are needed for the same diamond. Considering the subsequent sintering process, the blank that needs cold pressing should be a part higher than the actual finished product height, which is generally maintained at 40-50% higher than the finished product height. So for diamond segment of the finished product, the cold pressing pressure is adjustable, the higher the pressure, the higher the cost, it needs time to grow more, the material also more, so the price of the cutting tools will be, and instead if the pressure in 100 mpa , such pressure more save time, also save material, of course, the quality of the cutting tools will be less.

calculate the cold pressing pressure of diamond segment

So, we know the pressure of a single segment, we need to know the total mechanical pressure in the cold pressure process of diamond segment also has. Firstly, we need to calculate the bearing area of all the molds.

The calculation formula is as follows: 
Cold pressing area of diamond tool tip: S=nLb

In the formula: S-full mold bearing area (Cm2); N - Number of modules ;L- Segment length (cm);B- Pitch width (cm).

After knowing the pressure area of the cold pressing die of diamond segment, we can calculate the total pressure.

Calculate the total pressure and gauge pressure:

Assuming that the cold pressing pressure selected is 100MPa=1000kg/cm2=10000N/cm2,

The calculation formula of total pressure is: Pt= P ×S.

Where: Pt-total pressure in full mold, N; P - Cold pressing pressure per unit area, N/cm2; S- Full mold bearing area, cm2.

After the total pressure Pt is obtained, a suitable cold press can be selected according to the total pressure. Preselected, according to the total pressure and press piston area to find out the pressing table pressure (that is, pressure).

The calculation formula of gauge pressure is: Pb=Pt/Sh.

Table pressure during Pb- pressing, N/cm2;Pt- Compressive total pressure, N; Sh- Piston area of press, cm2.

 cold press the segment

After knowing the pressure, set the gauge pressure, you can cold press the segment . Although most of the manufacturers of the table pressure is almost fixed, but according to the different segment and cutting object, set the appropriate cold pressure, the stability and sharpness of the later has a great impact. Jiangxi Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. has achieved a formula and a cold pressure temperature precise allocation process in the control of the cold pressure process, so in the final product, it has shown a good cutting effect and excellent cutting life, and the products are therefore praised and recognized by customers at home and abroad.