Maple Leaf Red Stone Cutting Diamond segment Formula

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Maple Leaf Red Stone is a very common stone in Fujian, China. The color is red, white with a little black. The overall picture is like a fiery autumn with maple leaves falling. Due to the hard crystal particles of this kind of stone, the sharpness of the segment is required to be higher during the cutting process.

The Mohs hardness of Maple Leaf Red Stone is about 7.2-7.4. The difference is caused by the difference in the ratio of various crystals between the normal ore and the payment. Therefore, in the hardness design of the carcass binder, we prefer to mix 8.0-8.5, The carcass with Mohs hardness is about the hardness. For diamond, when choosing fine diamonds can save costs, it also minimizes the loss of collisions caused by the impact of diamond and maple leaf red stone. In terms of strength, choosing a higher-strength diamond powder can make the segment have stronger abrasiveness and cutting life. With the direction of the above-mentioned segment design, we chose the following common metal powders during the batching process:

Iron powder, due to the greater hardness of the Maple Leaf Red metal, more than 50% of the iron powder is put into the segment, which can save costs while ensuring the affinity of diamond and iron elements, so that the matrix with the diamond has Strong chemical control. In addition, iron powder is also the easiest element to combine with other metals. In sintering process with high-temperatur, various ferroalloys and alloy steels produced can greatly improve the hardness and wear resistance of the segment.

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Copper powder, copper powder needs a small amount, generally not more than 10% of the overall ratio. The addition of copper powder is to make copper powder and iron powder and other metals produce more stable blades. Generally, it is also necessary to add manganese. Tungsten carbide, nickel and other elements form an alloy like Fe-Cu-Ni-W, and the addition of copper also makes it easier for the blade to be welded in the later stage, especially when the brazing sheet is used for welding in the later stage, adding copper powder  will make the segment easier to weld. Of course, for cutting hard stone like Maple Leaf Red, the iron-copper alloy can make the structure of the segment more stable and more impact resistant.

Tin powder, tin powder is a kind of soldering machine, and also a stable metal with metallic luster. Generally, tin powder is added to make the segment look more shiny, and due to excessive use of iron powder, tin powder can appropriately slow down the process of iron oxidation.

Tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide is a particularly hard non-metal. In nature, it is second only to diamond. In order to make the segment cut sharper, the addition of tungsten carbide increases the cutting position of the segment and also allows the segment to perform in cutting. The aspect has been greatly improved, but tungsten carbide has the defect that its structure is very brittle. In order to improve this situation, it is necessary to add two metals, titanium and cobalt, to improve the defect of tungsten carbide.

Cobalt powder, the first role of cobalt powder has been explained, the second role is to increase the stability of the segment structure, the addition of cobalt powder can increase many cobalt alloys in the segment, these cobalt alloys have extremely strong stability , Not only increase the impact resistance of the segment, but also increase the ductility and metal stress of the segment.

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Titanium powder, titanium powder can be added in small amounts. This metal can increase the corrosion resistance of the blade, and the high strength and high hardness of its alloy allow the saw blade to have a higher service life during the cutting process.

On the whole, after adding these metals to the Maple Leaf Red segment, it can be matched with paraffin wax and aluminum powder to produce the Maple Leaf Red stone segment with corresponding strength.