Formula design of diamond segment for marble cutting

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The marble segment is a very special product. Because the hardest diamond is used to cut softer stone, diamond crushing is a problem that must be solved. How to make the diamond to achieve the crushing effect before rounding, how to make the grinding diamonds will not cause too much waste, and can be firmly fixed in the matrix binder. The formulation design is very difficult, but after a long-term design summary, the current marble segment of Jiangxi Linxing Diamond Company already have the four advantages of fast cutting, long life, good carcass wrapping, moderate damage of synthetic diamond, and the design angle are mainly based on the following aspects:

1: Copper and cobalt are better than copper-based materials as a synthetic base. Many customers ask our Lin Xing salesperson, why are your company's marble segments so expensive? In fact, the reason for the high cost is that many of the company's current synthetic bases are added with cobalt powder. Such materials can increase the stability of the segment structure and form a more stable alloy, which can increase the chemical and physical control of diamond.

Many cheap segments only add copper powder, and more are added aluminum powder and iron powder. Although these materials can also increase the cutting life of the segment, they cannot be compared with the segments with copper-cobalt-based in cutting efficiency and longer life.

Marble segment, diamond segment, marble cutting segment

2: Choose higher-grade large-grain diamonds as the main cutting component of the marble segment. Lin Xing chooses Zhongnan Diamond's super-grade diamond material, so it is more convenient to crush than the ordinary materials selected by other companies. The sharpness is much higher. The degree is high, and it is accompanied by a smooth cutting.

In addition to the grade, in terms of particles, the price of diamonds with large particles is naturally higher, but the advantage is that diamonds with large particles can quickly participate in the cutting process, and the height of the segment also allows the segment to have the grinding force during cutting. The stronger, the higher the efficiency, and the easier it is.

3: Adding a little tin, aluminum, phosphorus, and other materials to the marble segment can increase the wettability of the segment. If you are looking for a higher quality segment, WC (a little tungsten carbide), a little iron powder, and the common metal powder in the upper marble segment can significantly change the structure of the segment when the sintering temperature reaches a certain level. This change can be clearly seen from the microscope, with higher compact, more stable structure and more resistant, the grindability has been greatly improved, and the cutting life will also be greatly improved, but there are also disadvantages of this kind of segment, that is not suitable for cutting soft marble.

4: The addition of manganese and chromium to the marble segment can adjust the wear resistance, impact resistance, bending strength, etc. of the segment. Properly adjusting the ratio of these two elements in the segment can significantly improve the performance of the segment. quality.

Marble segment, diamond segment, marble cutting segment

In fact, the formulation design of the marble segment is much more than that. The content of many elements has different proportions. Once the proportions are different, the performance of the entire segment will change, becoming better or worse, beyond control.