Main components of diamond segment

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Diamond segment are made up of various powders. There are many components. According to different stone cutting, the composition of the segment also shows a diversified trend. This article mainly introduces the components of common segment to make everyone better understand the components of a diamond segment.

Main components of granite diamond segment

Iron powder: There are three main reasons why iron powder can become the main material of granite segments: it can be sintered with other metals under high temperature and high pressure to form a matrix bond with strong wear resistance and high hardness. For cutting granite, the hardness and abrasiveness of the matrix directly determine the life and quality of the segment; Iron powder and diamond have a strong affinity. Under high temperature and high pressure, iron atoms can quickly enter the diamond, which will cause the diamond and iron to form a strong chemical holding force, thereby increasing the cutting ability of the granite segment.

Nickel powder: Nickel powder is the main material that is often used in granite segments, accounting for about 5 percent. Its effect is mainly due to the melting and oxidation of iron powder in granite segment to produce rust. If nickel powder is added, the oxidation rate of the segment can be greatly reduced, and the nickel-iron elements are close together, and the two can form an iron-nickel alloy with strong corrosion resistance.

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Tin powder:
Tin powder is also the main material often used for granite segment. It has four functions: tin can increase the bending resistance of the segment; tin can also be used for rust prevention; tin can also increase the gloss of the surface of the segment. The segment looks more beautiful; the last point is that tin is a good solder, which can help the segment to solder quickly in the later stage.

Zinc powder: Zinc powder is also often used in granite segment. It has four main functions: zinc alloy can enhance the bending resistance of the segment; zinc alloy can also increase the strength and hardness of the segment; reduce corrosion and increase wear resistance ability.

Copper powder: Copper powder is not the main material of granite segment. It is only used to form a matrix binder that is more suitable for cutting with iron elements. Appropriate addition of a small amount of copper powder can greatly improve the quality of the segment.

Diamond: As the main cutting part of the segment, the grit size of the granite segment is relatively fine, mostly in the range of #50-#60, and the concentration can be kept at about 25%.

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Main components of marble segment

Copper powder: In the marble segment design process, the copper powder is inexpensive, the formed segment are moderately wear-resistant, easy to weld, and have strong stability. Therefore, a large amount of copper powder is added to the marble segment.

Cobalt powder: Cobalt powder is a very important element for marble segments. Cobalt can form a more stable chemical bond with diamond than copper-bond segments. Under the same conditions, the more cobalt powder, the longer the life of the segment. For gang saws with low cutting efficiency, the high-cobalt formula is the most suitable choice.

The marble segment also contains a small amount of iron powder, nickel powder, tin powder and aluminum powder, which are used to enhance the strength of the alloy and increase the gloss of the alloy, no need to explain here.