How to calculate the density and weight of diamond segment bonding

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During the manufacturing process of the diamond segment,the bond and the diamond powder are firmly combined to form our finishedproduct. For the diamond segment, the bond formation density of the diamondsegment indicates the weight of the segment and the tightness of the segment ina certain volume, which rapidly reflects the quality of the segment. Generallyspeaking, the better the density of the diamond segment, the longer the cuttinglife.

Conversely, the life span of the segment will be shorter, so when peoplepurchase segments, experienced buyers will choose heavier segments, which canbe better protected in terms of life.In the production process, the adjustment of the diamondand bonding formula also needs to grasp the forming density of the diamondsection. Only in this way can the weight of the forming section in the latecold pressing process and the hot sintering process be accurately grasped. Inthe later quality inspection process A good diamond segment manufacturer will controlthe density and weight error of the segment bonding within 5%, while thequality control of the Linxing diamond segment is more stringent, and willensure that the segment bonding density and weight remain within 3%.

The formula for calculating the forming density of thediamond bond is:

diamond segments

In the formula: ρm-theoretical density of bond; P1, P2,...,Pn-the weight percentage of each component; ρ1, ρ2,...,ρn-the density of eachcomponent.

For example: The bond formula is Ni-20%, Co-20%, Cu-50%,Sn-10%, the density of Ni is 8.9g/cm3, the density of Co is 8.7g/cm3, and thedensity of Cu is 8.9 g/cm3, the molding density ρm=8.67g/cm3 is calculated.

diamond segments

Knowing the forming density of the diamond bond, then theweight of the diamond segment can be roughly calculated. First, by calculatingthe ratio of the diamond powder to the bond of a single diamond segment,multiply the volume of the diamond segment by the ratio of the diamond powderto the bond. , And then calculate their volume, and then calculate the formingweight of the diamond segment bond and diamond powder in a single diamond bydensity, so that the weight of the diamond segment can also be calculated.