Diamond segment of concrete grinding

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If the concrete pavement is constructed, there will be some very fine streaks, and when the concrete is not dry, there will be some uneven pavement.In this case, the protruding surface needs to be polished to flatten the protruding part.

The process of concrete grinding is the process of flattening the protruding part of the segment. Based on cost and some applicability considerations, people need to pay attention to several aspects of the segment when using concrete abrasives, Knowing that these can save a lot of costs, but also improve the efficiency of concrete grinding.

1: There are many types of concrete abrasive segment, including agglomerated ones, PCD and PCBN and other materials. It is necessary to choose a reasonable grinding segment according to the hardness of the concrete material. Generally speaking, ordinary agglomerated segment can already meet most of the needs of concrete grinding, but if the concrete contains more hard materials (such as steel bars or hard stones), then harder materials such as PCD or PCBN are needed for cutting.

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2: Concrete abrasives can be divided into dry grinding and wet grinding. Most of the dry grinding abrasives will adopt the PCD structure. This material will not be deformed due to high temperature, but the disadvantage is that the price is higher. For wet grinding abrasives, most of the diamond segment are used. This approach will not only reduce the cost, but also reduce the flying of dust. In terms of noise, it is much smaller than the huge noise caused by dry grinding.

3: Concrete segment abrasives will be made of diamonds of various particle specifications such as large, medium, and small particles. The most common ones are 16#, 24#, 36# these large particles of diamond, the effect has higher requirements. Gradually increase the mesh number to allow the particles to be used from large to small, which will gradually grind the concrete very flat. In the process of use, do not use fine-grained diamond segment for grinding at the beginning, because there is no large-grained segment for rough grinding, and direct fine grinding will cause the segment to consume too quickly, and the grinding effect will not be achieved.

4: Concrete grinding segment often needs to grind a very large square meter, so it is very important in terms of wear resistance. It is necessary to use a more wear-resistant carcass bond. If the carcass binder is too soft or the wear resistance is not enough, the concrete grinding segment will be consumed very quickly.

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5: In the process of concrete grinding, the requirements for machinery are very high. If the machine is old, it is easy to over-grind during the grinding process. In many cases, it is up to people to feel the depth and thickness of the polishing. Such an approach will undoubtedly cause the cutter head to be consumed too quickly, and the road surface will also appear uneven.

In general, the segment for concrete grinding needs to be specially customized, and in terms of design, it is biased towards life and wear resistance.