List Of Objects To Be Cut With Diamond Saw Blades

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The diamond saw blade is a commonly used cutting tool, but people have doubts about what the diamond saw blade can cut? This article will introduce the main cutting objects of diamond saw blades in detail, and analyze the reasons.

1.Natural stone

There are many kinds of natural stone, but there are almost no diamond saw blades that cannot be cut. For example, common stones include marble, granite, limestone, volcanic rock, sandstone, travertine, slate, basalt, etc., which are all common stones in nature. A diamond saw blade is the best tool for cutting these hard stones. In recent years, a large part of the use of diamond saw blades has been in the natural stone industry. Including stone mining, block processing, block shaping, plate processing, grooving, etc., diamond saw blades are required.

2: Artificial stone

The rise of artificial stone is not long. Although artificial stone does not need to be cut for blocks, but the cutting of plates is required. Therefore, whether it is porous microcrystalline stone, artificial non-porous microcrystalline stone, artificial granite, slate, artificial marble, artificial marble and other stones, the requirements for cutting edges are very high.

3: Reinforced concrete

Diamond saw blades are used in the demolition of reinforced concrete buildings and bridges, or in some wall cutting processes. During the cutting process, the saw blade completes the cut on the concrete. It is worth mentioning that when the saw blade is cutting steel bars, if the steel bars are too thick, the cutting difficulty will increase, and a more professional concrete cutting blade is required. The cutting efficiency and cutting life of ordinary diamond saw blades will not meet the requirements.

4: Asphalt

Asphalt cutting is more common. In the process of road construction, especially asphalt pavement, in order not to affect the road next to it, a saw blade is used to cut out the construction area, so this type of saw blade is also called a road blade, a road asphalt blade.

5: Porcelain

Most of the time, tiles do not need to use saw blades, but they have many uses in some Yin and Yang corners and some repairs. The tile sheet should use a saw blade with a small sawtooth gap as much as possible. It must not be fast. Choose a diamond saw blade with a large saw gap.

6: Cement

Cement pavements or walls can also be cut with diamond saw blades. Like asphalt pavement, the main purpose of cement cutting is to open a safety groove to prevent more road problems when the road is damaged and repaired.

7: Brick

This piece is mainly used for cutting new types of bricks, which are mainly completed with small diamond cutting blades. The method of use is dry-cutting bricks, which is very common in engineering.

8: Part metal

Diamond saw blades usually cannot cut some hard metals, such as super-hard metals, nor can they cut iron, copper and other metals for a long time. The main reason is that the diamond material is brittle, and friction with iron will cause the diamond to break, which greatly reduces the cutting life of the saw blade. However, cutting some soft metals, such as aluminum, has a good cutting effect. The most common one is for cutting stone aluminum honeycomb composite panels.

9: Some new decorative materials

At present, diamond saw blades can cut a variety of decorative materials, such as PVC, resin, integrated ceiling, glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc., all of which can be cut with diamond saw blades.

10: Agate, jade, glaze, glass, etc.

Most of these materials are cut with electroplated blades. The diamond saw blades for cutting such materials must have the following characteristics: ultra-thin, good continuity, sharp cutting, and fine diamond powder.

All in all, diamond saw blades can cut a lot of hard materials. If the material is soft, such as wood, paper, meat, etc., it cannot be cut with diamond saw blades.

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