What is the best concentration of the marble diamond segment?

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The definition of diamond segment concentration is the content of diamond in the segment within a certain volume range. The concentration of the segment directly affects the cutting performance of the segment. The industry stipulates that when the volume of diamond occupies 25% of the volume of the entire diamond segment, the diamond content is 0.88g/cm3, which is specified as 100% concentration. The remaining concentrations are calculated based on this. The value ranges from zero percent to 400 percent. Generally speaking, when the diamond concentration reaches 400%, the diamond segment will be all diamonds. Because it cannot be fixed, such a cutter head is not capable of cutting. So what is the best concentration? Let's take a closer look.

When choosing the diamond concentration, it must be combined with the cutting object. For example, when the cutting object is very hard, you should choose diamonds with small particles and high hardness grades as much as possible when choosing diamonds. In terms of concentration, it needs to be determined according to the wear resistance of the rock. If the wear resistance is not high, then the concentration of 70-100% is more appropriate. If the rock has high wear resistance, then choose the diamond with a concentration of 90-120%, the segment is more suitable.

diamond segments for marble, stone cutting tips

But for marble, the opposite is true. Because the material of marble is soft, diamonds with medium or large particles should be selected for diamonds, while the grade of diamonds does not need to be too high. If the grade is too high, the diamond will be rounded and not capable of cutting. Proper crushing can allow the diamond to emerge quickly and keep the sharpness of the cutter head at a certain speed. But in terms of concentration selection, there are many options. For example, if the cutting speed is pursued, the diamond concentration should be appropriately reduced and kept at 80-130%. The score is about 130-210%. If it continues to be higher, it will affect the cutting speed and bezel setting ability of the diamond segment.

There are about 2015 diamonds in 1ct diamond with a grain size of 40/45. The diamond concentration can be calculated by the following formula:C=nX100%/4.4

In the formula: n——Diamond weight

In the actual application process, since most of the current segments are in the form of sandwich segments, the middle material layer and the edge material layer have different wear conditions due to the different stone parts facing, so the diamond concentration of the middle material layer is appropriately adjusted. It is very necessary. For example, when the diamond concentration in the middle layer of the diamond segment is too large, the width of the middle edge formed after the diamond segment is worn is large, and the width and depth of the two grooves are small. This is because the diamond concentration in the middle layer is too large, and the more effective diamond abrasive grains exposed on the working surface of the middle layer, the diamond is difficult to micro-crack and edge out. The matrix wear of the middle layer is slower than the edge layer. The width of the middle blade formed by diamond segment wear is too large, the width and depth of the two grooves are small, and the diamond segment tends to be arced, so the sharpness of the saw blade is poor and the service life is not long. It can be seen that there is an optimal diamond concentration difference between the middle material layer and the edge material layer of the diamond tips, which makes the diamond segment form a three-edged symmetrical fan-shaped structure with a reasonable groove depth and width after wear, so as to realize the balance between the middle material layer and the edge material layer. Synchronous wear of the edge material layer, so that the diamond cutter head has the best comprehensive processing performance.

diamond segments for marble, stone cutting tips

In the process of designing the diamond segment of Linxing Diamond Tools Company, the influence of diamond concentration on the diamond segment is taken into account. Therefore, the products manufactured by the company strictly control the difference of diamond concentration in the edge material, so that the diamond segment has a stronger cutting life and Higher cutting sharpness meets customer's cutting needs.