The specific performance of the high iron content of diamond segments

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Iron-based segment is a diamond tool head product that we often use in the process of cutting stone, mainly used for saw blades of machinery such as mine disc saws, gantry cutting, bridge combination cutting, etc., through welding, so that the segment is fixed to the top of the saw blade, the main cutting stone is granite, sandstone and basalt and other hard stones.

Iron-based bits show different differences according to their iron powder content, and with the increase of iron elements, diamond bits are specifically manifested in the following points:

Wear resistance: through a large number of tests show that the iron-based segment has a strong wear resistance, so when cutting wear-resistant stone, the iron-based knife bit is a very suitable product, the main reason is that the iron-based segment in the sintering process, iron elements and other elements quickly form ferroalloys, and ferroalloys due to atomic density, in the high temperature and high pressure processing environment, the rapid change between metals, other metal atoms and iron atoms mutually form new metal compounds, ferroalloy rapid formation.

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Density: Iron-based bit With the increase of iron element, the density of the knife bit is constantly improving, generally speaking, the higher the density of the iron-based knife bit, in terms of life, it is far better than the diamond bit with low density. The higher the density of the segment, the stability of the cutting will also be greatly improved, mainly in the segment stability increase speed is faster, the sharpness of the segment and the opening effect is better.

Diamond: Iron-based segment because of the wear-resistant characteristics, so in the diamond, the selection of higher quality diamond is a must, otherwise the diamond of the segment will be quickly worn, the segment will also appear to be smoothed, especially when cutting super hard stone, the diamond grade will determine the possibility of cutting, if the grade is low, the diamond on the head is quickly broken or even smoothed, resulting in a cutting failure. In terms of particle size, the higher the iron content of the segment in the diamond particle size will gradually decrease, the occurrence of such a situation is mainly if the diamond particles are too large, the price of the segment will increase, and in the cutting process, the larger the particles of the diamond by the impact force is too large, especially when cutting super hard stone, the strong impact force quickly crushes the diamond, resulting in diamond waste. With the increase of iron concentration, the diamond particles in iron-based segments show a gradual trend of shrinking.

Rigidity: With the increase of iron powder, because iron has obvious ductility and rigidity, the formed tool head products begin to have strong rigidity, especially in terms of ductility, the improvement is particularly obvious. Specifically in the cutting process, the impact resistance increases, in the process of compression, there is very little deformation of the segment, so the increase of iron elements excellently changes the metal characteristics of the segment, and also directly affects the quality of the segment.

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Of course, blindly increasing the iron element will also make the segment appear some bad places, such as the carcass is too hard, the carcass structure is unstable, the impact resistance of the carcass is weakened, the carcass grip force is weakened, etc., so many times, the segment of the high-speed rail base needs to process the matching segment, and not all the stone can be processed with such a segment.