The price of diamond segments has risen again

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Affected by the economic situation at domestic, and abroad, and the epidemic, the prices of raw materials such as diamond, metal powder, matrix, and graphite molds have continued to rise since 2020. Due to the rising cost of the upstream supply chain, the notification letters of major diamond manufacturers about price increases are flying to major channels and distributors like snowflakes, and price increases are a trend.The price of diamond segments has risen again!

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A diamond segment company issued a notice stating: Due to soaring raw materials and national macro-control restrictions on production capacity (power outages), the company has adopted internal optimization measures to minimize the pressure of cost increases, but the increase has far exceeded cost accounting. After careful consideration, it will be released in October 2021. From 1st to October 31st, it will be a one-month holiday, and the price of all segments products will be increased. During the holiday, the company has part of the inventory, which must be purchased in cash until the stock is sold out. Starting from October 1st, based on the existing cooperation prices, the price adjustments are as follows:

Mining segments increase by 0.5 yuan per pcs

Single blade segment and multi blade segment increased by 0.3 yuan each

Ultra-thin tower saw blades segments rose by 0.2 yuan per pcs

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Last year, the Jiangxi Diamond Segment Association also issued a price increase notice, mainly due to the impact of the epidemic and the substantial increase in raw material prices and transportation costs. In order to ensure product quality and stabilize the market, the price of diamond segments has been increased by 20% from the original price. At the same time, diamond sintered grinding wheels, electroplated wheels, and finished diamond segments have increased to varying degrees.

Now the diamond segment price is up! Raw and auxiliary materials price is rise! Coupled with the recent opening of the power limit mode across the country, the market is facing tremendous pressure to survive in the market competition environment, which is very detrimental to the sound development of the entire industry. Most companies have started the mode of rising product prices one after another, and the rising tide is really helpless. Products in the superhard material and abrasives industries can only increase their prices one after another.

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The price increase of raw materials under heavy pressure is undoubtedly an opportunity for brand companies to become bigger and stronger. The price increase in materials is not a bad thing. In view of cost pressures, many follow-up companies are discouraged, reducing market instability.

In short, the "price increase" has come, and the increase in the prices of raw materials and products is not only negative, but also brings reintegration or reshuffle of enterprises. Therefore, superhard materials companies should take timely measures to adjust procurement plans, increase inventory reserves, improve quality and efficiency, etc., to alleviate the adverse impact of raw materials and product prices. Although Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. has not been affected by the power cut, the continuous price increase of diamond powder has also affected the increase in diamond prices, and it is expected that there will be a wave of relatively strong growth in the future.