The definition and function of diamond segment binder

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The diamond bit is made of the world's hardest material diamond and some metal powders to form a harder alloy agglomerate through sintering. Through the sintering method, the metal powder of the segment and the diamond are firmly combined. This is the most obvious difference between a good segment and a poor cutter head.

Diamond segment bond is also called carcass bond, This vivid statement clarifies the relationship between diamond and bond more vividly, We often say that the impregnated structure, that is, the structure of the diamond and the bond in the diamond segment: A good segment shows the condition that the bond completely envelops the diamond.

Diamond matrix bond uses metal and non-metal, Through two processing methods such as cold pressing and hot pressing, the diamond, various metal powders or some non-metallic substances have violent molecular and atomic mutual infiltration. Through high temperature and high pressure, the structure of the metal bond becomes stable. The most obvious change is that the bond between diamond and metal powder has become very good. The direct manifestation is broken diamond, and the remaining part is still very firmly embedded in the metal matrix bond, which plays a role in subsequent cutting and grinding.

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So what are the main components of the diamond matrix bond? There are four different common basic systems for diamond segment matrix binders, referred to as XX basic systems. At present, the common basic systems are divided into four categories: They are iron-bond, copper-bond, cobalt-bond and tungsten carbide-bond, Among them, tungsten carbide-based is mainly used in cemented carbide, while the traditional diamond blades used for cutting stone are mainly iron-based, copper-based and cobalt-based. The iron-based diamond matrix bond has good abrasiveness and high hardness, and is often used for cutting medium-hard and super-hard stone; the copper-based diamond matrix bond mainly has moderate abrasion resistance, good product structure, and good metal properties And other characteristics; while the cobalt-based diamond matrix bond is more suitable for gang saw blades, such blades have longer abrasiveness, If matched with good quality diamonds, there will be a very good cutting effect.

In addition to the basic system elements, the matrix bond of diamond blades also includes some other materials, such as nickel powder, tin powder, aluminum powder, manganese powder, phosphor powder, emery, paraffin, zinc powder, tungsten powder, titanium powder, lead powder, etc. Through long-term testing and data integration, a reasonable ratio is matched, and then through the processes of stirring, cold pressing, sintering, etc., high-quality diamond cutter heads can be produced. Due to the difference in the proportions of various powders, continuous attempts are required. In the long-term test, the carcass binder and diamond can be perfectly impregnated together, and the consumption of the two is relatively similar during the cutting process. Such a product is the best diamond segment product, which is why the carcass bond is so important.

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In general, the quality of diamond determines the upper limit of the quality of the segment, while the carcass binder determines the lower limit of the quality of the segment.