Manufacture process of diamond segment

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There are many steps must be done during manufacturing. There are three main parts as below :

The first step: Preparing materials  ;  the first step is to preparing the materials . we have to set the different formulas for different stones. And there some difference between the formulas.  Which means it is very important in this step  .   we can only get the qualified segments when the formula be set properly .  Preparing the materials is not only mixing them together but also giving the properly data of the weight ,  volume of the materials . and the Model also need to be prepared following the client’s requirements .

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The second step is manufacturing  .  the mainly details are as following :

1: Batching material  .   we can batch the materials (diamonds and metal binder )evenly by mixing machine.

2: Cold processing  .  this  step is to make the materials shaped and ready for sintering .

3: Hot processing.  This step is put the shaped segment into the model and be sintered into product by high temperature and high pressure.

4: cooling and releasing . this is the last step of manufacturing segment by cooling the model and releasing the segment from it .

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The third step: this is the last step of manufacturing . we have to polish and square the segments when the segments are been manufactured in order to get a good sight of the segments . some have to do the arc-polishing in order to get a better openness .