Structure analysis of layered diamond segments

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Diamond segments are divided into integral diamond segment and layered diamond segment. In modern diamond segment designs, layered diamond segments are more and more commonly used, because the layered diamond segment are superior in chip removal and cutting efficiency. Compared with the integral cutter head, it has the advantages of lower price and higher efficiency, so the layered diamond segment is more cost-effective. This article introduces the structure of the layered diamond segment to let everyone better understand the working principle of the layered diamond segment and its advantages.

 integral diamond segment, layered diamond segment

In the early days, the design of the diamond segment was often divided into two parts, the cutting part and the welding part, but the appearance of the layered diamond segment changed this situation. Engineers added iron or metal bonding agent in the middle of the diamond segment to make the segment working better. let's take a look at the structure of the layered diamond segment.

The ordinary layered diamond segment is divided into 5-7 layers from the cross section. The five-layer diamond segment is composed of working layers and non-working layers on both sides and the middle. The working layer is composed of diamond impregnated layer and tire. The body bond is composed of the cutting layer. These three working layers cut the stone through the diamond in the matrix. Because the layering segment has three cutting surfaces, the force area is smaller and the cutting is sharper. It is very helpful. Similarly, the seven-layer diamond segments are four working layers and three non-working layers.