Diamond segment wear too fast

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In the process of cutting stone, the life of the diamond segment is often too short. Its main manifestation is that it wears too fast, so what causes the diamond segment to wear too fast? In this article, we have a detailed explanation:

1: The speed of the saw blade is too high, When the speed of the saw blade is too high, The diamond embedded in the metal matrix bond is quickly damaged by force, Although this can greatly improve the cutting efficiency, part of the underutilized diamond is wasted. In this case, the segment is quickly worn out, and then the life is reduced.

2: The carcass binder is too soft during the cutting process of the segment. This situation is that the hardness of the carcass binder of the segment is not enough. Compared with the hardness of stone, When the carcass binder is grinding the stone, it wears out due to the hard segments. When the hardness of the segment carcass binder is not high enough, the carcass binder is quickly consumed. Eventually, there will be a situation.

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The segment binder dropped quickly, causing the diamond to break away from the segment without being fully utilized. Similar to the first case.

3: The diamond concentration is too low, Concentration represents the content of diamond per unit volume, Under normal circumstances, a concentration of about 25% is more common, But if the concentration is too low, the amount of diamond is too small, When cutting the stone, the diamond is quickly consumed, causing the cutter head to wear too fast.

4: The diamond grade is low, The main performance of low-grade diamond is the reduction in impact resistance and hardness. The direct manifestation is that when encountering excessive impact force, the diamond will be broken. The fast-broken diamond cannot be fully utilized, which results in the rapid wear of the segment.

5: The mixing is not even enough during the production of the segment, At present, the production of segments uses 3D mixer to mix for 1-2 hours, so that the powder is fully mixed evenly. However, if the mixing is not uniform, the diamond content of many segment is small, and some of the segments have high content. When a segments with less diamonds is used, the segments wears out too quickly.

6: The sintering temperature of the segment is too low, This situation is mainly due to the fact that the metal powder has not completely undergone physical and chemical reactions due to the low sintering temperature during the sintering process of the segment.  The structure of the segments is not stable enough, and the holding power of the diamond is not strong enough.Therefore, when cutting, the consumption of the diamond segment becomes faster.

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7: The segments does not match the cutting object, Normally, there are fewer segments for mix cutting, Most of the diamond segments are customized according to customer needs, During the cutting process, there are extremely high requirements for the hardness, abrasiveness, density and compactness of the stone. When cutting soft stone heads, cutting hard and highly abrasive stone, the diamond segment wears faster.

8: In fact, Highly abrasive stone will also increase the consumption of the segment, Such as sandstone or andesite. Due to the strong abrasiveness of the stone, the wear of the diamond segment will be accelerated.

In general, There are many reasons for the rapid wear of the diamond segment, Many reasons exist objectively, There is no good solution, the problem can only be solved if the root cause is found.