Application of high content iron-bond diamond segment

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The iron-bond diamond segment is a kind of segment we often see. If we want to distinguish it, we can also distinguish it according to its unique characteristics. The iron-bond segment has the following characteristics:

1: The color of the segment is grayish white, mainly because the iron powder is mainly pig iron powder. During the sintering process, a large amount of iron powder melts to form the original metal color, and the more iron powder,  the high-content iron-bond segment will become more white color.

2: The iron-bond segment has very good abrasiveness, and is very abrasive for cutting granite and sandstone. For soft stones, such as marble and limestone, the bond will be too hard and the diamond cannot be open, so most Both granite and sandstone segments are iron-bond segment.

3: The hardness of the iron-bond segment is very high. If you use a grinding wheel to grind, you will obviously find that the grinding process is very difficult and consumes a lot of grinding wheels.

4: The iron-bond segment is very easy to rust. Under normal circumstances, the segment that completes the underwater cutting after the diamond is opened will generally appear rust in about 3 days. The longer the time, the reddish-brown rust will be very obvious. And the distribution of rust is very extensive, on the side of the segment, the working layer of the segment and other places will be distributed.

5: The iron-bond diamond segment has very good ductility and generally does not break. Once the segment cannot cut the stone, the iron-bond segment will only deform.

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So what is a high content-iron bond segment, and what is its special use? Below we introduce this kind of diamond segment.

The high-iron-bond segment is for the low-iron-bond segment. Simply put, the higher the iron powder composition, the high-iron-bond diamond segment bond will be formed. Compared with iron-bond diamond segments, the high-content iron-bond diamond bond has the following characteristics:

1: The higher the iron powder content, the smaller the other metal components. Therefore, the structure and composition of the segment are mostly iron alloys. Although iron alloys have the characteristics of steel, they will also be brittle. Therefore, if the formula is not well grasped , The segment is particularly brittle.

2: The iron-bond segment itself has the characteristics of high abrasiveness, and the high-content iron-bond segment strengthens this attribute, so high-content iron-bond diamond segment are often used in floor grinding or granite disc grinding.

3: In the high-content iron bond segment, the utilization rate of other metals is greatly reduced, and the price of iron powder is lower, which can also greatly reduce the cost of materials. Therefore, the cheaper segments on the market are all high-content iron bond segment.

4: High-content iron-bond segment has strong instability, mainly because the iron powder melting point is too high during the sintering process of the segment, and the material sintering process is not complete.

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Of course, if the high-content iron segment can grasp the proportion of its formula, it can also achieve the purpose of rough stone processing, and its low price has gradually made it a better choice for many developing countries and regions in the stone processing industry. .