Application of Boron carbide in diamond segment

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Boron carbide is a type of black diamond with the formula B4C and is usually a gray-black powder. It is one of the three hardest known materials (the other two are diamond and cubic phase boron nitride), and the Mohs hardness of boron carbide is 9.3-9.5, which is the raw material for the processing of super hard materials commonly used.

Compared with diamond, although there is still some gap in the hardness of Mohs, this material has the characteristics of low density (lightweight material, only 2.4 g/cm, lower than the density of diamond 3.5g/cm3), high strength (good wear resistance, not easy to break), high temperature stability (this is better than diamond in tool head sintering and high-frequency welding), and good chemical stability (no carbonization will lead to a rapid decline in diamond tip sharpness). In addition, the boron carbide manufacturing process is very easy, and the production cost is low, so it is extremely widely used, so at present, boron carbide has been used in large quantities in the diamond tool head production process.

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However, due to the hardness of the diamond, or as the main cutting object, and boron carbide due to the small particles, suitable for improving the performance of the carcass material of the diamond segment, often long-term testing, found that boron carbide played a role in the problem and improve the quality of the diamond diamond segment, this article mainly introduces the role of boron carbide in five aspects, so that everyone can better understand the impact of boron carbide on the mechanical properties of the diamond segment and the carcass composition.

(1) Boron carbide plays the role of the core element in the carcass, that is, it has slowly become the mainstream element, that is, this material can replace the role of the iron base, with its unique physical properties, so that it is more resistant to high temperature and wear than iron, cobalt and other elements, and ultimately makes the wear resistance of the carcass further improved. In general, the more boron carbide content in the carcass, the stronger the wear resistance of the carcass, and can slowly replace the role of iron as a core element, especially for ultra-wear-resistant stone, the emergence of boron carbide-based diamond segments is of great significance.

(2) Boron carbide and the free element therein can improve the sintering performance of the metal carcass and promote the interface reaction between the metal carcass and the diamond through direct or indirect action, so that the interface binding performance of the metal carcass and the diamond composite material can be improved; It plays a role in uniform and refining the carcass alloy, and is also conducive to strengthening the bonding between the carcass alloy and the diamond particles

(3) The holding force of the diamond segment carcass with boron carbide added to the diamond has been improved, and the holding force has increased with the increase of the concentration of boron carbide. This quickly makes the boron carbide-based diamond segment have a higher utilization rate of the diamond of the tool head because of the increase in grip force, especially for diamonds of good grade, which plays a greater cutting effect.

diamond segment, application of diamond segment, boron carbide in diamond segment

(4) Under the same cutting conditions, such as the same machinery, the same saw blade, cutting the same stone, the diamond segment containing boron carbide is better than the diamond segment without boron carbide in terms of cutting speed, and with the increase of boron carbide content, the cutting speed of the knife bit has a tendency to increase rapidly, until it reaches a certain level, this speed increase will stop.

(5) Greatly increase the cutting life of the diamond bit, boron carbide as a kind of diamond segment that can assist the diamond to cut together, the two together, with the effect of 1 +1>2, and with the increase of boron carbide content, the life of the diamond bit will gradually increase.

Of course, everything has advantages and disadvantages, although boron carbide is good, but its carcass is too wear-resistant, wear resistance is not high stone, hardness is not high stone will be because the diamond segment wear is too good and lead to the diamond segment is quickly smoothed.

And the use of boron carbide is still in the experimental stage of most companies, and the complete and mature formula still needs to be adjusted for a long time.