How to remove the segment from the saw blade?

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After the diamond segments are fast welded on the saw blades through the high frequency welding, fire welding, or laser welding  methods, etc. The segments need to remove, because of some reason. There are mainly several aspects situation appeared as below:

1: The segments are used up. In order to better protect the blank blade’s teeth, it needs to re-change new segments in time, when the segments height is left last 1-2 mm.

2: The segments welding appears issues. These factors will cause the segments welding appearing problems, when the segments is welded. For example, there is unstable segments welding, appear “bubble” situation on welding process, or the welding material has quality issue situation, etc. These situation needs to remove the used segments, then welding the new segments on blank blades.

Diamond segment, segments removal, how to remove the segments

3: The segments welding angle is incorrect. It is mainly on the fire welding process will appear this situation. Basically, the welding quality is according to the welding workers’ experiences. When the less experiences welding workers to weld the segments, it is easy to appear the segments’ left and right skew, up and down tilt, etc. In this time, it needs to remove the segments.

4: The segments welding strength is not enough. It is mainly because the welding composition appears extremely difference. For example, solders with insufficient silver content will greatly reduce the welding strength when welding copper-based or cobalt-based segments. In this situation, it is inevitable to remove the segments to re-weld.

5: The segment is deformed, broken, cracked, etc. The segment does not have the cutting ability due to excessive impact force or long-term abrasion. Or the segments appear the abrasion situation. It all need to remove partial damaged segment.

Diamond segment, segments removal, how to remove the segments

In fact, the segments removal process is very easy. It mainly melts the solder quickly by heating at high temperature, and then quickly removes the segment. But there are some points need to pay attention as below.

1: When using a flame spray gun to heat up, remember to heat up quickly, and try to use the outer fireworks for heating. Because the internal flame temperature of the spray gun is not high enough, the heating rate will be slowed down, and the external flame temperature will be too high, resulting in burns to the substrate.

2: As much as possible in the stage of solder melting, remove the segment quickly, and clean up the residual solder, do not let the residual solder affect the next soldering.