Components of LinSing's diamond segment

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In stone tools, brazing blades are very common, big or small. On the top of the blades, there are small diamond segments, which we call diamond segment. Do you know how these diamond segments are composed?

At present, Linxing's diamond are divided into two categories, namely layer diamond segments and non-layer diamond segments. The following are the components of layer diamond segments.

the components of diamond

layer diamond segments are divided into two parts —— working layer and interlayer. The working layer of layer diamond segments is divided into diamond and diamond bond binder. We know diamond is the hardest substance in nature. By making artificial diamond powder, people use the hardness and stability of diamond to cut or sharpen stones. Almost all stone products we cut with blades are finished with diamond. The bond binder plays the role of fixing diamond, which is composed of simple metal powder or metal alloy powder, supplemented by various additives to makes the combination of diamond and bond more precise. These different components are called diamond segment formulas, which will be adjusted according to different uses, machinery, cutting materials and other factors. There are two kinds of interlayer composition of diamond, the first one is powder interlayer, which will be more closely combined with diamond. The second one is iron sheet interlayer, which can improve the sharpness of blades. But the disadvantage of iron sheet interlayer is that its service life will be shortened. No matter which combination method is chosen, the diamond  segments with interlayer will naturally form a groove during cutting, thus forming a natural waterway, which makes the diamond segments have better effects in chip removal and temperature reduction.

There is only one working layer in the diamond segment without interlayer, that is, the working layer described above. Because of the lack of interlayer, the efficiency will slow down in cutting and grinding. But in terms of service life, the interlayer part becomes the working layer part, so the service life will be better.

the diamond segment for cutting stone

In addition to the above division method, some people divide the diamond segment into working layer and non-working layer. The working layer is the diamond-containing part, while the non-working layer is the welding layer connected with the saw blade. Non-working layer does not contain any diamond but only welding agent. This is also a way to save diamonds and reduce production costs.