Standards for judging the quality of diamond segment

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Diamond segments are often used in the stone cutting process. The quality of the segments is a question of great concern. So what kind of segments are good and what is not good? What are the criteria for judging?

Three major criteria for the judgment of diamond segments:

First: cutting quality, Diamond segments are used to cut stone. If there are stone chipping, scratching slabs, or bending slabs during the cutting process, then such segments must be bad.Cutting quality refers to the quality of the plate cut by the diamond saw blade with the diamond segment, Mainly refers to the surface flatness (whether there are scratches on the surface of the stone, the surface roughness of the stone is moderate and does not require large-grain diamond abrasives for rough grinding, etc.), Straightness (the stone slab has no bending or unevenness), Parallelism of the two sides (the thickness of the slab is uniform, and the upper, middle and lower points and faces have uniform and flat thickness), And edge integrity (this refers to the fact that the stone has no edges, missing corners, or even fractures), etc. If there is no problem with these, it means that the cutting quality of the segment is not problematic. On the contrary, if the above problems occur, the cutting quality of the segment is unqualified, which means that these segments are not very good products.

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cutting efficiency, Diamond segments are industrial products. Modern industry is developing very rapidly. High speed and high efficiency can greatly reduce labor costs, production costs, and can also greatly increase output. Therefore, cutting efficiency is currently extremely important.

The cutting efficiency is mainly manifested in the following points: Faster cutting speed, Compared with other segments, if the cutting speed of the segment is faster than that of other segments, the cutting efficiency is improved; The cutting depth is larger, that is, how much the cutting area is in one cut. The larger the area, the higher the efficiency of the segment; Cutting efficiency is also reflected in the sharpness of the segment. The main performance is that for harder stones, the stone can be cut more easily, and the efficiency will not be reduced due to the inability to cut. If the above points are met, such a segment is considered to be a good quality segment.

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cutting life, The life of the segment is a very important parameter. If the life of the segment is too short, then the welding cost, the cost of the segment and the cost of downtime will be lost. Therefore, maintaining a long cutting life and reducing the production cost is also a modern enterprise must consider .

The life of the cutter head is actually just an additional parameter, far less important than the cutting quality and cutting efficiency. Under the condition that the first two parameters can be guaranteed, the cutting life should be increased as much as possible to make the segment more cost-effective and reduce production costs. Such a segment is a better segment.

In fact, for each customer, the quality of diamond segments varies from person to person. No one segment can suit every customer, and no customer can use only one segment.