Road segment produced by diamond segment factory

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In the process of road construction and demolition, road cutting blades are often used. This kind of saw blade is used to cut hard road surfaces. Through cutting, the maintenance part and the non-maintenance part are separated. The diameter of the saw blade is usually 105- 1400mm, among them, large road saw blade are suitable for high-cost highways, national highways, provincial roads and other roads, while small road saw blade are mostly used for low-cost country roads.

In the process of road maintenance, segment products are often used, including segment commonly used for milling machines and segment used for circular saw blades to cut road pavement. Among them, the milling machine is a cemented carbide material, not a product produced by the diamond segment factory. The serrations on the top of the circular saw blade is the segment of the circular saw blade, are often used in road cutting.

Road cutting blades are divided into many types due to different road conditions. Among them, the most common are cement cutting blades, concrete cutting blades, steel concrete cutting blades and asphalt cutting blades. Below we respectively introduce the characteristics of the diamond blades used in these saw blades.

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The cement cutting blade is a diamond cutting tool suitable for cutting cement pavements. rural roads are mostly pavements made of a mixture of cement and yellow sand, the advantage of this kind of pavement is that the pavement is smooth and flat, saving the cost of paving, but the disadvantage is that the performance of crack resistance, earthquake resistance, and compression resistance is poor. When such a road has problems, such as potholes, fractures, and chipping, it is necessary to remove the damaged part and build a new cement pavement. Cutting requires the use of a cement cutting saw blade. It should be noted that the segment for cement cutting adopts a softer metal bond formula and adopts medium-low grade diamond powder to quickly break the edge to achieve the purpose of rapid cutting. In terms of diamond, materials with low concentration and large particles are selected. Although this will result in a short use life of the segment, the market share has been maintained at a relatively high level due to the low price.

The concrete cutting blade is a diamond tool suitable for cutting concrete pavement. Concrete pavements are mainly provincial and municipal roads, and some pavements in urban areas are also paved. The concrete pavement is composed of gravel, cement and yellow sand. This material has a relatively hard structure, crack resistance and increased seismic strength. The disadvantage is that this kind of road is rough, and the anti-smashing ability is average. The segment used for cutting concrete saw blades also needs to meet the cutting requirements. Choose diamond powder with a higher diamond concentration, a small grit, and a medium-to-high grade; in terms of bond material, choose iron-bond harder bond binder to prevent wear. In fact, the concrete segment can also be used for cutting cement, but the cutting cost will be too high.

The steel-concrete cutting blade is a diamond cutting tool suitable for cutting steel-concrete pavement. Steel concrete pavements are generally urban arterial roads, high-speed roads, bridge decks, etc, the structure of this material is very stable, crack resistance, earthquake resistance and impact resistance are all very high, the main principle is to add steel bars during the pavement laying process, which can ensure the strength of the overall pavement to the greatest extent. The disadvantage of this is that it is very troublesome in the later maintenance process. Including in cutting need to choose a high-power cutting machine, it is best to use a large saw blade for cutting, because the small saw blade is not only slow in cutting efficiency, but also very fast in segment consumption. For road cutting of this material, it is recommended to use diamonds with higher grades and smaller grit sizes. For the bone, choose iron-bond, low-cobalt-bond, or tungsten carbide-bond segments with better abrasiveness.

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The last category is asphalt cutting road segments, which are mainly used for cutting asphalt pavements. This kind of pavement has a more complicated structure, and the bottom is mostly steel-concrete cutting, and asphalt is laid on the top. Therefore, to cut this kind of road, a product with relatively better mix cutting is required. In terms of diamond material, the mixed grit size is better, and the grade also requires the doping of different grades of diamond. In terms of concentration, it can be adjusted according to the life and efficiency. As for the bond binder, alloys such as copper, iron, cobalt, manganese and tungsten are preferred, and other materials can be matched with tin, aluminum and other materials for auxiliary matching.

In general, this article introduces the relevant knowledge of road cutting blades, so that everyone knows more about the relevant knowledge of diamond segment, and helps you to establish a more systematic knowledge system of road cutting segments.