Diamond segment grinding

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The diamond blade is an industrial product, mainly used on the saw blade substrate. After welding, the diamond blade and the circular saw blade substrate form the diamond saw blade as a whole, but after most customers buy it , if you observe carefully, Part of the diamond segment has a layer on the bottom with the effect of grinding with a grinding wheel. This is the effect of a sharpened blade. This article introduces why the bottom surface is grinding, how to grind the bottom, and the difference between bottom grinding and arc grinding, so that everyone can understand the relevant knowledge of diamond bottom grinding.

First of all, let's talk about what is the bottom grinding process of the diamond bit? The bottom grinding process is a whole process of grinding a layer of the bottom surface of the diamond tip with a grinding wheel before welding the diamond tip. The bottom grinding mainly uses a grinder. The grinding wheel rotates quickly to grind the bottom of the close segment to a new surface. This process is called bottom grinding.

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So why grind the bottom? There are three main reasons:

1: During the sintering process of the diamond segment, the air is quickly exhausted during the vacuum sintering process. When the segment is exposed to room temperature to cool down, oxygen combines with the surface of the segment to form an oxide layer, which is in the welding process. In this case, there will be insufficient welding strength between the segment and the substrate. Therefore, grinding the oxide layer can quickly increase the welding strength of the segment.

2: During the welding process, the high-temperature oxide layer will release oxygen and other gases. When these gases are quickly discharged, bubbles will be formed in the solder part, which will reduce the welding area and ultimately lead to the weakening of the welding strength.

3: Bottom grinding can increase the surface roughness and welding area, so that the solder can be better combined with the surface of the segment. The sintered segment, because the contact surface is relatively flat, instead of the welding contact surface, it will be also reduce the welding strength.

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So what kind of segment needs to be grinding?

Normally, any segment needs to be ground, but because the cutting strength of the marble segment is not high, the saw blade is less likely to drop the segment due to impact, so the cutting segment of soft stone such as marble does not need to be grinding the bottom. But for granite, quartz stone and other materials, grinding the bottom is a better choice, which can not only reduce the problems caused by weak welding, but also improve the efficiency and stability of cutting.

So there are how many ways to grind the bottom? Currently, there are three main types.

The first type, manual bottom grinding of the grinding wheel, is that the operator holds the segment and uses the bottom of the segment to continuously contact the surface of the grinding wheel to complete the bottom grinding process.

The second type is sanding with sanding belt. The operator puts the segment in the buckle one by one, and uses the sanding belt rotating at a high linear speed to complete the sanding process of the diamond segment.

The third type is the automatic bottom grinding machine. This machine uses the segment to automatically enter the warehouse and automatically buckle on the grinding wheel to perform the bottom grinding process.

Finally, someone asked, is there any difference between bottom grinding and arc grinding?

Yes, bottom grinding is a front process for the convenience of welding, mainly to increase the welding strength, and the arc grinding is actually because there is a problem with the inner arc of the segment. The arc is not for bottom grinding, but just for adjusting the arc size to be more perfectly , while in the actual operation process, the bottom grinding tool is completed as well.