How to improve the sharpness of diamond segments?

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During the cutting process of the diamond segment, the cutting efficiency is slow. The specific performance is that the walking speed of the saw blade is reduced, and even if the speed is increased, the purpose of fast cutting cannot be achieved. So how to solve this problem?

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First, we analyze the cutting sequence of the diamond segment.

1:The sharpness of the newly welded segment is not enough, and the cutting efficiency is not high. In fact, since the newly welded segment has not yet opened diamond, when cutting the stone, the efficiency is very slow by relying on the matrix bond to cut the stone. Therefore, opening diamond is required. Especially for the marble segment, because the hardness of the marble is not high, the carcass consumption is slow, and a long process of opening diamond is required in the cutting process. Specifically, we can observe whether the segment has obvious tailing phenomenon. If there is tailing, it means that the segment is successfully opened and the cutting efficiency should be greatly increased. If the cutting speed is still not improved or the performance is not obvious, look for other problems. If the new segment cares about the cutting speed, customers can ask the manufacturer to open it. Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. can help customers to open diamond for free, so that the cutting efficiency of the segment is higher.

2:The stone is too hard and the cutting efficiency is slow. This situation is very common. Some customers even use marble segments to cut granite. In fact, it is very unwise to do so. The hardness of the stone is best matched with the corresponding wear resistance and hardness of the segment, so that the cutting efficiency can be maximized. If you are a mixed-cutting factory, it is best to choose a mixed-cut diamond segment, so that the segment can cut the most suitable stone, which is the most cost-effective and the most efficient. Apart from replacing the segment, there is no other way to change it.

diamond segments,granite cutting segments, stone block cutting tools

3:The quality of the segment. The quality of the segment is also the reason why the cutting efficiency of the saw blade cannot be improved. The main reasons are the unreasonable formula, the mismatch of the craftsmanship, and the flaws in the production process. In general, these problems basically need to be dealt with by the segment manufacturer. Therefore, in the process of matching the diamond segment to the stone factory, there will be many small batch test orders. Solving the problems of formulas and processes, and then strictly managing the factory process, to make up for the loopholes of production deficiencies, and almost avoid the possibility of problems in mass products.

4:External reasons such as saw blade blank and machinery. The blank blade is too thick, too soft, and the blank blade is insufficiently rigid. The design of the blank blade will cause problems in the cutting process. On the mechanical side, problems such as obsolete, old-fashioned, mechanical maintenance and other issues will affect the cutting efficiency of the segment. Choosing a new machine, a high-quality blank blade will improve the cutting efficiency.

5:The development of segment technology can also improve efficiency. At present, orderly arranged segments, ultra-thin saw blades, split-tooth segments, and vacuum brazed saw blades can greatly increase cutting efficiency.