The difference between soldering lug and welding rods

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The welding materials of the diamond segment are mainly  soldering lug and welding rods. Sometimes, some solder paste can also be added (this situation is relatively rare, because it will increase the welding time, and the problem of welding firmness deviation due to the amount of solder paste.) So when can the welding rod be used and when will the welding lug be used? Before saying this, we must first understand the material composition of the welding rod or welding lug. Only by understanding the composition then we can better understand the fundamental difference between the use of the welding lug and the welding electrode.

There are two main components of the solder of the diamond segment. The first type: silver-copper solder, which is limited by the silver content. If the silver content of the entire solder is more than 35 percent, it is a relatively high-quality solder. The silver content is between 18-35 percent, which is a medium-to-high quality solder. If the silver content is less than 18 percent, it is a low-quality silver-copper solder. The second type: copper-phosphorus solder, the reason why phosphorus appears is not that phosphorus belongs to the soldering material, but an element that must appear when the copper-phosphorus content is made in the process. Phosphorus itself does not participate in soldering, so this material is also called Copper solder.

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Which kind of solder is better?

 In the process of a large number of tests and practices, it is found that silver-copper solder is added with silver to copper to improve the fluidity of the solder liquid and the mechanical properties of the soldering position. This solder is very flexible and fast and uniform distribution. Obvious advantages, in simple terms, during the soldering process, the silver-copper solder melts quickly and is evenly distributed on the serrations of the saw blade base. Coupled with the flexibility of this solder, the segment and the base can be more firmly combined. , The higher the silver content, the stronger the flexibility.

Phosphorus copper solder is actually pure copper, and because it contains a small amount of phosphorus, this solder is relatively brittle. But the biggest advantage of this material is that it is cheap, so under normal circumstances, if there is no special requirement, phosphor copper solder is generally used for the welding of the segment.


So how do silver-copper welding rods compare with phosphorous copper welding rods? How to use it.

Silver copper welding sheet is mainly used for high-frequency welding such as automatic welding machine, semi-automatic welding machine, and fire welding torch. You can directly put the welding rod into the machine and directly weld it; for flame welding,  The well cut soldering lug put into the gap between the segment and the base body, and the soldering lug is melted by flame heating, thereby fixing the segment. The silver-copper electrode is more used in electric welding machines. The electrode is melted by rapid high-frequency heating or electric welding heating, so that the segment and the substrate can be fixed together.

The use of phosphor copper soldering pads is similar to that of silver copper soldering pads, but the difference is that phosphor copper soldering electrodes have a coating on the outside during use, which has advantage of greater storage time and moisture resistance.

In general, there is not much difference between the welding rod and the welding lug of the diamond segment, but in the use process, matching with more suitable welding materials will make the welding process easier, and will also improve the welding strength and firmness.