How to improve the production process of diamond segments?

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In the production process of diamond segments, each link has many different settings. For example, during the cold pressing process, the thickness of the cold pressed sheet. If it is layer segments, it should be the thickness and structure of the metal sheet. Segments moulding process. During the hot-pressing sintering process of the segments, the hot-pressing temperature, pressure, pressure holding time, etc. are all technological categories of diamond segments production. These process factors directly determine the sharpness, life, stability and other performance of the segments. Therefore, in the production process of the segment, a good formula also needs a good process to match. Just like when we make a dish, in addition to using fresh ingredients, the cooking process is also very important. The production process of the segment also goes through such a process, so the importance of the craftsmanship is unquestionable.

So in the production process of the segments, which processes do we need to control well? In fact, every step is very important. For example, the segment has strict attention to the ingredients. Let's take a look at the production process of the segments, if the process of the steps is worth our thinking?

Batching and Mixing Processes: The most common batching process is very simple. After weighing the powder and diamond powder according to the proportions, the mixing begins. If you want to improve the process requirements, you can sample the raw materials before production, and test the grade, particle size, impact resistance and other properties of the diamond. And chemically test the powder material to test its impurities, whether it has too much influence on the later processing. In addition, the diamond needs to be titanium-plated. The titanium-plating process can increase the hardness of the diamond. It is also the first process in the production process of the diamond segments.

granite segment;diamond segment

And the mixing process is more particular about. At present, 4D mixer is generally used for mixing, and the mixing time, mixing range, and the weight of the material are very important. The adjustment of these parameters is a process improvement. It can quickly help us solve the segment problem caused by the mixing process.

Cold pressing technology: The most direct manifestation of the cold pressing process is the following points:

1: The thickness of the segments after cold pressing.

2: The weight of the segments after cold pressing.

3: The thickness of the working layer and the thickness of the non-working layer.

4: If it is an iron sandwich segments, the thickness and shape of the iron are also very particular.

granite segment

The diamond hot pressing process is the core of the entire sintering process of the segments, and it is also a kind of frequently changed throughout the sintering process. For example, the different sintering processes formed by different cutting head formulations are mainly reflected in the following points:

1: Sintering temperature and sintering temperature rise rate.

2: Pressure and pressure increase rate during sintering.

3: Holding time.

4: Depressurization time and depressurization speed.

The follow-up will also involve the demoulding process of the segments, post-processing and other processes, which all change according to different product uses and product characteristics. Therefore, in order to improve the production process of diamond segments, it is necessary to continuously adjust and optimize each step according to the actual production situation, and slowly form multiple sets of diamond segments products suitable for different stone cutting. This is a long-term adjustment process and a long-term technical research and development work.