Hot pressing circular diamond segment

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Diamond segment is a kind of diamond tool used to cut stone, concrete, ceramic tile and other materials in various shapes after the process of cold pressing and sintering.

There are many shapes of diamond segments. The round diamond segment has a special shape, generally divided into semi-elliptical diamond segment and semi-circular diamond segment. The structure of the semi-elliptical diamond segment is that the lower part is a rectangular parallelepiped, and the upper part is an elliptical overall diamond segment shape. The structure of the semicircular diamond segment is similar to the shape of the oval diamond segment. The difference between the two is that the upper part is circular.

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The round diamond segment is a tool that has only been used for stone cutting in recent years. There are three main reasons: 1. In the early years, the round mold needed to be re-opened, which was expensive. In order to save costs and solidify their thinking, diamond tool segment manufacturers are more willing to use M and K types, which are more common on the market. Second, the circular segment has higher requirements for the shape of the iron sheet. Because it is a special specification, the iron sheet factory offers a higher price, and its shape changes greatly, so few companies will choose. Third, in the cutting process of round diamond segments, the difficulty of opening diamond is greater than that of M-shaped segments.

So there are so many shortcomings of round diamond segments, why are such products still slowly appearing on the market? The main reasons are as follows:

1: In the cutting process of the round diamond segment, the round segment has stronger adaptability during the cutting process, and can quickly adapt to the incision of any angle, and the cutting is smooth.

2: In the process of cutting marble, the round diamond segment has the smallest impact force on the plate, and it is also the safest cutting tool. In some European and American countries, round diamond segments are used for both mining and cracking, and this trend has become increasingly popular.

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3: The impact force performance of the round diamond segment on the tangent surface during the cutting process is the smallest, and it is also the one with the least impact force. Compared with the K-type segment and the M-type segment with relatively fixed impact force. This dispersed impact force will increase the life of the saw blade by a small margin.

4: The cutting segment production process required for round diamond segments has been mature. In the early years, the sintering of circular segments was very difficult to grasp, mainly including iron sheet placement, flow separation, arc control, etc. But it has all been resolved so far. At present, Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. can produce high-quality round hot-pressed diamond segments. Customers are welcome to come and customize.