Does The Increase In The Thickness Of The Diamond Saw Blade Affect The Sharpness?

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Diamond saw blades often encounter some cutting problems during sawing, For example, the base of the saw blade is deformed, the saw blade is bent, the saw blade is uneven, or the saw blade is easily shaken. At this time, the thickness of the diamond saw blade needs to be increased. Increasing the thickness of the blank blade and the segment has the following advantages.

1: Increase the impact resistance of the saw blade:  This is very helpful for cutting stones with extremely high hardness. If the thickness of the blank-blade is not enough, it is easy to cause direct deformation of the saw blade under strong impact. Sometimes, if the feeding depth of the saw blade is set relatively large, the diamond segment of the saw blade will directly fall off due to such a strong impact force. After thickening the saw blade, the impact force on the saw blade will be dispersed to all parts of the saw blade, thereby enhancing the bearing capacity of the saw blade.

2: Enhanced the stability of the saw blade (when cutting): While the saw blade base is thickened, the linear speed of the saw blade increases, and the stability during cutting is also higher. The main reason is the increased rigidity and toughness of the saw blade.

3: The increased thickness of the diamond saw blade can meet the needs of older machines. For example, the early trolley separated the saw blade, the early hand-pull cutting and hand-crank cutting, etc.

So what are the disadvantages of increasing diamond saw blades? Simply put, there are the following:

1: Reduced cutting efficiency: This is very obvious. When the thickness of the saw blade is reduced, it means that the cutting surface during the cutting process is reduced. On a machine with the same power, the same power means that the cutting force is fixed, and the cutting pressure is increased when the force area is reduced. The increase of cutting pressure is directly reflected in the improvement of cutting and grinding ability, so the thinner the thickness of the saw blade, the higher the cutting efficiency, and vice versa, the lower the cutting efficiency.

2: Increase the loss of stone: As the thickness of the base increases, the width of the cutter head also increases. In the process of cutting, the increased width is the consumption of both the segment and the stone. The stone consumes a lot of materials, and the cutter head is also consumed a lot, so the thickness of the saw blade is increased, the loss of the stone is increased, and it is also a waste of resources.

3: Increased energy consumption: When the thickness of the saw blade increases, it is necessary to increase the current to ensure the previous cutting efficiency. When the current increases, the power consumption will also be consumed more. Generally speaking, adding two millimeters of saw blade substrate will increase the average energy consumption by about 2-4 percent.

4: The sharpness will vary according to the situation: This is the core problem of increasing the saw blade. If the thickness of the saw blade is increased, will the sharpness of the saw blade decrease during the sawing process? There is no clear answer to this question because the sharpness of the saw blade depends on the metal powder in the blade, The manufacturing process of diamond and the entire segment, in short, a segment with insufficient sharpness. If the thick substrate is replaced, due to the reduction of cutting efficiency, the diamond will be edged slowly, but the sharpness of the saw blade will be improved. In the same way, if the thick substrate is thinned, the originally slow cutting ability may also become sharp due to the increase of cutting force.

In general, increasing the thickness of the diamond saw blade will affect the sharpness, but in the good direction or the bad direction depends on many factors.

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