How to produce diamond segment

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Diamond Segment is a kind of  welding tools used for saw blade and cutting hard materials, it is commonly used for cutting stone. And it is made of diamond and bond materials composite sintering. So how is the diamond segment produced? What steps need to go through? This article will explain in detail.

Raw Material Processing

It seems that Raw Material Processing is very easy, but  there are a lot of things need to do. For example, we need to finish the following work.

1: Granulation is also called prill, In the early time, diamond segment didn’t used cold press, at this time ,we need to granulate the  pre-sintered materials, this process is mainly to ensure the strcture of the segment powder.

Diamond Segment、Segment Produce、Diamond Segment Produce

2: Titanium plating, titanium plating is covering a metal titanium layer on the diamond surface that will obviously improve the strength of the diamond, thereby ,to make the segment  in the cutting process become more sharper, and reduce the damage caused by diamond , so as to reduce the consumption of diamond and improve the using lifespan.

3: Ingridient, ingridient is a segment formula for producing,  mixing different proportions of metal powder and diamond powder with different granularity、  concentration and strength. Generally speaking, different formulas have different material proportions, so there are different product characteristics, so that the diamond segment can face different cutting objects very differentiated.

4: Mixing is the last step of raw material processing, mix all powders with diamond powder. 4D automatic mixing equipment will be used in this process. Generally speaking, the mixing time needs to exceed 1 hour, and the standing time can not exceed 1 hour.

Diamond segment design

Cold Press

Cold Press is the most important step in producing  of the segment ,also it called laminate. It makes the powder grains into sheets(multi-layer sandwich segment) or strip (sandwich segment), the most important part is weighing, density needs to be strictly controlled, once the density is not controlled well, it will easily cause quality problem in the future.