Common diamond segments shape in China

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This article mainly introduces the commonly used diamond segments shapes in China.

The shape of diamond segments commonly used in China is determined by the size, and the size is divided by the segments used for the saw blade.

There are mainly the following types of diamond segments:

For diamond saw blades with a diameter of 900mm and above:

M-shaped diamond segment:

This diamond segment is mainly used for mine circular saw cutter, multi-blade bridge cutter and single blade gantry cutting machines. Its shape is the front end of the diamond segment showing an M shape. As shown in the picture, the advantage of this diamond segment is that when the diamond is not opened, the tip of the M-shaped diamond segment can be opened quickly, thereby quickly completing the cutting.

K-shaped diamond segment:

This diamond segment is currently mainly used for mine circular saw cutter. Its structure is like a capital K letter, and the shape of the top vacancy is a V. This K-shaped diamond segment is the same as the M-shaped diamond segment. When the diamond segment starts to cut, the cutting surface is reduced, and a strong pressure can be maintained, thereby quickly completing the diamond opening. However, due to the high-strength unilateral force of this kind of diamond segment, the saw blade is subjected to excessive pressure, which will lead to premature aging and deformation of the blank blade. Therefore, this type of product is only used on very small saw blades.

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Flat-shape diamond segment:

The structure of the top edge of the diamond segment is flat. The shape of this diamond segment is completely different from the above-mentioned diamond segments. When the diamond segment starts to cut, it takes a long time to open diamond. Of course, this diamond segment also has its advantages, that is, it does less damage to the blank blade, and the use of the blank blade can be extended.

Diamond saw blades (250-850mm in diameter) for edge trimming and splitting:

V-shaped diamond segment, the main structure is that the middle part of the diamonds segment has a V-shaped groove. V-shaped diamond segment can quickly split the stone and increase the cutting speed appropriately. Of course, because the raw material will be appropriately reduced, this kind of diamond segment will also greatly reduce its life.

U-shaped diamond segment:

The main structure is a U-shaped groove in the middle of the diamond segment. U-shaped diamond segment has similar functions to the V-shaped diamond segment, but U has a more natural transition than V. Therefore, the cutting effect is better than the V-shaped diamond segment, but the efficiency is not as good as the V-shaped diamond segment.

R-shaped diamond segment:

Also known as fan-shaped diamond segment, is mainly to make the diamond segment into a fan with different widths up and down. Such a diamond segment will have better cutting continuity, but the sharpness will be reduced.

Arc-shaped diamond segment:

Also called arc-shaped diamond segment, is mainly to make the diamond segment into an arc-shaped structure of the same top and bottom. Such a diamond segment has very good sharpness, but it is insufficient in terms of continuity.

Turbo shape diamond segment, also called corrugated diamond segment, mainly has single-side corrugated, double-layer corrugated and other structures. The corrugation can increase the cutting continuity of the diamond segment while maintaining a certain sharpness and life. It can continuously change the performance according to the shape of the corrugation. At present, it is a more common diamond segment. Commonly used for cutting concrete, marble, granite, and asphalt materials, it is very versatile.

The short-tooth diamond segment is to change the common 40mm long diamond segment to 20 length. Although this increases the complexity of the diamond segment welding, the damage of a single diamond segment to the blank blade is greatly reduced, and the cutting sharpness of the diamond segment is greatly improved.

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The shape of the saw blade with a diameter of less than 250mm.

The continuous diamond segment is a ring-shaped diamond segment structure with excellent continuity, but the sharpness is not very good.

The tooth guard diamond segment is a diamond segment that protects the tooth structure, so that the saw blade has a better cutting endurance.

In general, the shapes of domestic diamond segments are basically these types. Some diamond segment shapes can be used for large saw blades or small saw blades, which can be changed according to different needs. Although it looks more complicated, compared to the more intricate shape of the diamond segment in foreign countries, the shape of the diamond segment in China can already meet most of the cutting needs.