Cold pressing of diamond segment

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In the production process of modern diamond segments, cold pressing is a necessary process. In this process, the metal powder is quickly changed from powder to flake through strong pressure. This process is an indispensable step in the production process of the segment. If the cold pressing process is good, the quality of the segment will be better.

Cold pressing, also known as filming. The process is mainly with the help of semi-automatic cold press machine or automatic tablet machine and other machines. Its structure is mainly the silo on the top, the pressure head of the cold press machine, the quick and replaceable steel mold of the operation port, and the pressure lifting button. There are generally two silos, which is convenient for the production of multi-layer segments. For example, the A warehouse puts raw materials with diamond and metal powder to process the main working layer of the layer segment. The B warehouse can be put into the principle of metal powder without diamond, which is used to process the non-working layer part of the layer segment.

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There are four main reasons why cold pressing is necessary:

First: Cold pressing can greatly reduce the dust in the workshop, and the dust in the segment production workshop is very large. For a long time in an environment with too much dust, it will be very harmful to the human body. The cold pressing tablet can greatly reduce the dust pollution in the workshop.

Second: Cold pressing can greatly improve the efficiency of mold assembly. If there is no chipping, the mold assembly efficiency is very low. It needs to go through the steps of powder weighing and powder filling, which not only greatly increases the complexity of the process, but also affects the overall structure of the segment diversity, especially if there is no cold pressing process, the layer segment is almost non-existent.

Cold pressing of the diamond segment can greatly improve the uniformity of the powder and make the segment product more stable. The main reason is that after the segment powder is evenly mixed by the 3D mixer, if it is left for too long, the thin or heavy powder will begin to sink, and the diamond powder will automatically rise. If the cold pressing is not carried out quickly, the structure of the segment will have the problem of uneven powder.

After the cold pressing, the density of the segment has been greatly improved. This kind of high-density tablet does not take up space, and the segment of the same size can be processed, and the size of the segment mould used for sintering has been greatly reduced.

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So are there any concerns for cold pressing tablets?

1: The cold pressing process should be processed in a constant temperature environment as much as possible. Under normal circumstances, keep the temperature at 20 degrees Celsius in an air-conditioned room. Because of the stable temperature and humidity of the processed sheet, the stability of the later processed segment will be greatly improved.

2: In the process of cold pressing, weighing is necessary due to the unevenness of the powder. Under normal circumstances, the error is kept within 0.2%. If the weight exceeds 0.2%, it is necessary to re-shred the sheet for mixing.

3: The diamond segment chipping should follow the mixing material immediately, and the mixing material should not be left for too long.