What is The Reason For Welding Cracking of Diamond Segment?

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Welding cracking of diamond segment refers to many situations that occur in the process of flame welding or high frequency welding of diamond segment, resulting in the welding seam cracking of the diamond segment directly in the later cutting process. This will eventually cause the diamond segment to fall off during the cutting process. So why does this happen? There are a total of 5 influencing factors. These factors exist alone or in combination. These are taboos in the welding process of the segment. Let's take a look at it in detail:

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1: Solder problem. generally speaking, the solder of diamond segment is divided into solder paste and solder lug. Among them, the solder paste is the flux, which can consume the surrounding oxygen as much as possible during the welding process, so that the soldering lug can complete the welding of the segment in an oxygen-free environment as much as possible. The most important part is the solder lug, which connects the base and the segment through a solder lug that melts and cools quickly. Solder lug tend to choose copper solder lug , silver copper solder  lugs and silver solder lugs . Among them, the brazing lug is a welding material with copper as the main solder element. Due to the high solder joint of copper, the sintering process of the segment requires a higher temperature to melt the brazing lug, often above 750 degrees Celsius. At such a temperature, the solder heating time becomes long. In the welding process, the ability to accurately control the temperature is very important. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the solder  lug to not completely melt or the welding time to be too long, and the solder lug to melt and bubble, resulting in welding failure. These are the direct causes of weld cracking.

The silver-copper solder pads are mostly solder pads with a silver content of 18%-35%. This type of silver-copper pads can meet the welding of most granite segments. The welding temperature is around 700-750. Generally, if the welding time and temperature with better control, welding can be carried out very easily. Such electrodes are very common on the market. There is also a type of solder pad with a silver content of more than 35%, which is often referred to as a silver welding flux. The optimal welding temperature of this welding piece is between 650-700 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the heating rate is fast, and there is almost no bubbling, and the welding operation is simple. Solder cracking is difficult to occur with this kind of solder.

2: The problem of welding equipment. Generally speaking, the probability of welding cracking in flame welding is about 3%-18%. Depending on the skill of the welding master, it is greatly affected by human factors. If a semi-automatic welding machine is used, this probability drops to between 1% and 4%, but it is also affected by human factors. If it is replaced by an automatic welding machine, the probability of direct cracking in welding can be reduced to 1% or even less than 0.5%. Therefore, choosing a good machine can greatly improve the welding quality.

3: Personnel problem. In the welding process, except the automatic welding machines, flame welding and semi-automatic welding largely depend on the personal ability of people. This undetermined factor was once unsolvable until fully automatic high-frequency welding machines were completely replaced. The artificial factors can basically be ruled out.

4: The problem of the segment. After purchasing the granite segment, many customers do not know that the segment needs to be bottom-grinding during the welding process. During the welding process of the segment, the welding layer is rapidly oxidized, resulting in the appearance of subsequent welding parts with fracture problem. There is a way to solve this problem. The diamond segment must be ground before welding, which greatly reduces the possibility of the segment being oxidized, thereby improving the welding strength.

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5: There is also the problem of residual material in the substrate. During the welding of the saw blade, it is necessary to ensure that the substrate is clean and free of foreign matter, the welding surface is free of oxidation, and is kept flat and free of burrs. If the old solder pads or solder material is not removed cleanly during the soldering process, it can cause problems with saw blade soldering.

In general, during the saw blade welding process, it is necessary to check all parts of the welding part. If the above five unfavorable situations are avoided and the quality of welding is continuously improved, I believe that there will be no more breakage happened on diamond segment welding.