Application and proportion of powder in diamond segment

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There are many powder components in diamond segments, such as common copper powder, iron powder, cobalt powder, tin powder, nickel powder, etc. These are all very common main materials, but there are also some materials that are only used in small amounts or special formulas. , Such as aluminum, phosphorus, manganese, chromium, boron, tungsten carbide, etc.

Why there is so much metal added to the diamond segment? To understand the application of diamond segment powder, you must first clarify this problem. There are many metals in nature. When metal atoms and diamond atoms are in a high temperature and high pressure environment, these powders will undergo a lot of changes during the natural sintering process. Metal atoms begin to penetrate each other, and individual powders gradually become various alloy materials. Complex alloy materials have the characteristics of high density, and high hardness. In the process of cutting stone, due to its slow consumption characteristics, expose the diamond slowly, so as to achieve the cutting effect and purpose of longer life and higher diamond utilization.

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So what kind of metal powder ratio is the best? In fact, it is the best choice to mix the appropriate metal powder according to the cutting object. Simply put, for example, cutting soft stone, the hardness of the carcass required is very low. If used the segment with a harder carcass for cutting, the segment will become blunt and cannot be cut. For the same reason, if a softer metal carcass is used to cut hard stone, it is prone to deformation of the segment and rapid consumption, which cannot meet the cutting demand. The powder ratio in a good quality segment must be adjusted according to the corresponding cutting stone. No segment can cut any stone with excellent performance, so the importance of the metal ratio in the segment is also highlighted.

So how to adjust the metal ratio in the diamond segment? Under normal circumstances, this kind of blending is completed through the increase and decrease of metal elements. There are not too many new elements. The main reason is that the newly added metal will cause many unpredictable effects. If a new metal powder is added, it requires long-term testing, inspection, and detailed analysis of its performance expectations and destructive expectations. Therefore, when new elements are less added, most of the current diamond segment metal powder is adjusted through the addition and reduction of these common materials. As for the method of blending, in general, arrange the base powder of the segment carcass according to the hardness level: tungsten carbide>iron>cobalt>copper. When the carcass is too soft, add the base powder with higher hardness, For example,  a segment cuts 6.2 Mohs hardness stone is better, and the customer wants to cut 6.5 Mohs hardness stone. The method of blending can change part of the copper powder to cobalt powder or iron powder, which is better. To improve the hardness of the carcass, of course this is only a part of the change. The specific formula also involves various problems encountered in the metal powder sintering process. Then the powder ratio is continuously optimized, and finally it can be formulated to cut the stone with 6.5 Mohs hardness.

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In general, during the test of the formula of diamond segments, especially in the process of large changes in the composition of metal powders, any situation may occur. The segment cannot be cut, the efficiency is reduced, and the service life is reduced. This is the special charm of the product of diamond segment, and it is also the process of continuous improvement of metal powder sintering technology.