Methods to improve the stability of diamond segment

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Diamond segment is a relatively unstable product, especially for cutting hard stone. Unstable segment will have a lot of problems, such as the segment falling off, the segment cannot be cut, the segment is broken, and the cutter Problems such as eccentric wear of the segment, so how to improve the stability of the diamond segment?

First. The batching is carried out in strict accordance with the proportioning. Many manufacturers do not have enough professional staff when batching. In order to save costs, they will reduce the amount of diamonds or use some cheap diamonds instead of good diamonds. The most typical one is to use four-sided diamonds instead of six diamonds. Face diamond, or use four-sided diamond instead of eight-sided diamond, so that the difference of diamond material directly affects the structure of the segment, which is also the reason for the direct impact on the stability of the segment.

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Second.Mixing problem. During the process of mixing diamond and metal powder, the diamond and powder are not mixed uniformly. This situation is very common. The main reason is that the mixing machine is old or not working properly; the mixing time is not enough; the mixture is sticky. The situation of receiving materials. However, in either case, it needs to be avoided, because uneven mixing will directly affect the quality of the entire batch of segments. Some segments have more carcasses and less diamonds, which makes it impossible to cut the stone. Others have more diamonds in the segment and less carcass, which leads to problems with diamond fixation. In either case, it is very unsuitable for stone cutting

Third, there is a problem with diamond particle size. For the same formula, diamond particle size has strict requirements. What is the ratio of 40-60# diamond? There are very strict requirements. Once the particle size is ignored, the entire batch of segments will also have great problems. The most direct problem is that the sharpness and life of the segment will be greatly affected, and most of such effects are bad.

Fourth, the sintering temperature and time are too high. The sintering process of the segment is a very important production factor. At present, the segment production machines of Linxing diamond tools use automatic vacuum sintering machines, and the sintering temperature and time of the produced  segments are controlled. It is very accurate, so there is currently no situation of unstable segment caused by this aspect, but many small segment manufacturers will have such problems. Due to the reasons of the machine and the operator, the quality is unstable. happens sometimes.

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Fifth, the sintering pressure and the holding time are also very important reasons that affect the stability of the segment. During the sintering process, insufficient pressure or insufficient pressure time will result in low density and loose structure of the segment, but if the pressure is given If the value is too high, the compactness will be too high and the density will be too high, which will lead to the too hard matrix of the segment. The diamond consumption is faster than the consumption of the carcass. In the end, the segment will be flattened by the diamond, and then the stone cannot be cut directly.